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Home Doors are About Durability: 5 Reliable Door Types for Longevity

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Doors accent, welcome, and define the character of a space. Nevertheless, choosing the right door should take some thought. A door’s durability is one of the essential factors to consider even before moving forward to things like aesthetics. It is pointless to get a door that will have to be replaced repeatedly.

A door’s material has a significant impact on its lifespan. Many people know the importance of a door that can serve them for a long time, but the challenge comes with what kind to choose. Below are some durable doors.

Steel Doors

Steel is an excellent door material that offers sturdy door options for interiors and exteriors. Most steel doors offer protection against intruders and natural elements like snow, rain, and wind. These doors are ideal for homes that experience very long and cold winters. In addition, steel doors can resist fire damage and are cost-efficient.

They are made from 24-gauge steel, making them thicker and more energy-efficient if they have an insulated core.

Steel doors are relatively easy to maintain, and they can still look good after many years. Galvanized steel is what makes steel doors. This kind of steel is coated with zinc oxide making it resistant to rust and scratches. A quality steel door can last for more than thirty years.

Wood doors

Wood doors are top among the most durable doors for any space. Wood is locally available, and carpenters can use it with ease.

Wood is known to add a traditional element and a classy look and can fit any style, whether mid-century, contemporary, or modern. In addition, wood doors can be customized to add a personal touch. The most durable wood doors are those made from solid wood.

Some of the best in the market are mahogany, cedar, oak, pine, and maple. The material determines how long the door will serve. Mahogany doors can last for up to sixty years, cedar doors can last for forty years, and pine doors can last for twenty years. Maple and oak doors can last for thirty years. 

Mostly, wood doors require additional touch-ups like sanding and painting, and they are not fire-resistant. Wood doors also tend to be more expensive.

Glass Doors

Glass doors let in natural light, and they are widely available for any style- modern or contemporary. However, not any glass door can serve over a long time. Durable glass doors are made from tempered, safety, or reinforced glass. Double glazed glass works best for insulation.

Glass doors can last long because they can withstand moisture. Therefore, they cannot rot like some woods, which saves the costs of structural repairs or complete replacement. A good-quality glass door can last for decades.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are available in various styles, and they suit most entryways. These doors are lighter than wood and steel ones, but they are also very durable. Fiberglass doors are strong and will not warp, split, or rust. They are also more thermally efficient compared to wood doors. Doors made from fiberglass are filled with foam giving them excellent insulation properties. These doors offer a room or space excellent protection from natural elements like the sun and rain. Additionally, they are relatively affordable than doors made from steel or solid wood.

A fiberglass door can last for more than fifty years.

Aluminum Doors

Doors made from aluminum are light, but they can still resist harsh weather and environmental conditions. They can withstand extreme temperatures without wear and tear and be treated for rust prevention. They are also widely available from various suppliers.

Because they are light, they only transfer less load on the foundation. Aluminum is not susceptible to termite attacks which also contributes to its longevity. These doors are aesthetically pleasing, and they can prove to be quite economical over time.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, doors that can be used over a long time are usually the best choices for any space. On the other hand, a door that is not durable adds to more costs in the long run. Therefore, it is always essential for anyone choosing a door to determine how durable the material is, contingent on the budget and requirements. Some doors can last for a long time, but some are more expensive than others. All in all, strong doors will last for decades, and they offer safety.


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