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How to choose an armchair

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Armchairs have always been associated with peace, quietness and elegance. In the absence of space, armchairs can even replace a sofa, ensuring the same comfort. And after the stress of a full day, a well-chosen armchair will relax you without words.  Being a quality piece that can offer the same level of comfort with a minimum of maintenance, it must be chosen carefully.

Tips and details for the right armchair purchase

As with any piece of furniture, before purchasing it, it is good to determine the characteristics that should define it, especially since the size, design, color and material of an armchair can vary greatly. It is important to choose a comfortable and qualitative one, especially if you want to use it very often and for a long time.

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Pay attention to the armchair cushion. If it gives you the feeling of sinking, avoid buying it. This feature will give one big headache when you’ll want to get up. On the other hand, a too firm chair is no good choice either. Instead of relaxing, you will do nothing but get back pain.

What height is optimal for the back of the armchair

Depending on the height of the person and their sitting position, the height of the backrest can greatly influence the comfort.

High-back armchair models are a good choice if you like to sit upright, if you are tall or if you simply prefer the armchair to cover your back completely. If you want an armchair to watch TV or read a good book, you have to pay attention to the backrest. It must have an area for the neck. Otherwise, after a short time, the pain in your neck will become intense, which will prevent you from enjoying the TV.

What size should an armchair be?

The size of the armchair should not be influenced only by your needs or preferences, but rather by the space you have available and maybe the size of the person who will use it. A small armchair is easy to assimilate to an existing style and functional for those who live in small apartments, because it takes up little space and can be moved around.

With or without armrests

Depending on your preferences, you can choose an armchair with or without armrests. Your choice depends on how you sit, as well as how often or for how long you intend to use the chair. 

If you want an armchair with armrests, keep in mind that it will take up more space but will, of course, be more comfortable. Being able to rest your hands is more relaxing, especially if you use it often. However, the arms are less important if you want to use the chair only for guests.

Armchair type

The style and functions of an armchair should resonate best with your preferences and needs.

The simple, traditional armchair has no special functions and is manufactured in different shapes and models, being extremely simple to integrate in the style of a room, whether it is a modern, vintage, classic or non-conformist style. In addition, it is the cheapest type of armchair you will find. There are models with or without armrests, with low or high backs, with fabric or leather upholstery, shell armchairs or straight armchairs, etc.

The extendable armchair combines the advantages of a simple armchair with those of a sofa. They are ideal in spaces where you could not imagine a bed. They fit perfectly in any room, regardless of its size and prove their efficiency every time a guest is suddenly stuck in your home. However, in order to benefit from the advantages that an extendable armchair offers, you must be careful to choose a quality one. An extensible armchair made of durable materials and with a durable extension system will surely not break after a few uses.

The relaxation chair appeared quite recently on the market, compared to the simple armchair. It is very versatile and practical, being easy to move from one room to another. It is the perfect type of armchair for moments spent with family or quiet hours spent reading. This one can also be used successfully in the children’s room. 

Increasingly sought after are recliner armchairs, useful for tired parents, for whom the need for relaxation and comfort is a necessity. The recliner armchair is ideal for the living room, when you want to relax after a hard day or when you want to watch a movie in a comfortable position. 

What materials could be chosen for an armchair

The material and color of the armchair must be chosen according to the rest of the furniture and the design style. Regardless of the type of armchair, do not disregard its quality. It is important to focus on an armchair made of durable materials so that the product lasts for years, without defects or damage.

The frame is one of the key parts of an armchair. One with a fragile frame will not be able to withstand the weight to which it is subjected. That is why it is good to opt for armchairs with a resistant frame made of solid wood or metal.

The padding of the seat cushions for the seat and back is of special importance. The comfort felt generally depends on it. The filling can be natural or synthetic. A natural (goose) one is a more expensive option, but also the best one, because it offers a high degree of comfort. The artificial filling is the most common variant because it has a lower price and offers firmness.

Armchair upholstery contributes to the appearance of the furniture, offering wear resistance and comfort. Leather or imitation leather armchairs are practical because they are easy to clean. An armchair made of leather will be much more durable and will get a very interesting worn look over time.

Many armchairs are made of fabric. Such a piece can be treated to become more stain resistant. Specifically, the material is treated so that it no longer absorbs liquids.

When choosing the color for your armchair, do not think that a darker color is more practical, because dirt and stains are less visible. This is not always the case. If your dark armchair is placed in a place with direct sunlight, the material will fade over time. A neutral color, such as gray, is the key to a camouflage strategy that will hide the stains and help you avoid a visible change of color over time. If you really like light colors, choose an armchair with a removable cover, which can be washed.

What style of armchair to choose

The right armchair should fit nicely into the style of your home. This does not mean that the piece should have the same color as other furniture. A monotonous style where no piece stands out is aesthetically wrong and very tiring.

However, you can choose armchairs in the same style as the rest of the furniture, for example, a large one made of fine fabrics and pleasant to the touch, if the style of your house is classic, or a minimalist one with straight shapes and soft pillows if you have a modern house. 

In the end, if you remember all these tips and tricks, be sure you’ll find the one and only piece to perfectly fit your home and taste!


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