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5 Ways to Add Swag to Your Bedroom

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Swag is a term that refers to a certain sense of style. If you have it, everyone will know it, and you’ll constantly turn heads. In the design world, swag has the same meaning. When a space has swag, it becomes a preferred hangout spot in a home. In this guide, you’ll learn how to add swag to a basic bedroom.

Increase Air Circulation

If your bedroom is stuffy, you won’t feel comfortable after you’ve added elements to create swag. This is why you must focus on the circulation in the room first. If possible, make changes to direct all air currents to a specific zone. In the hotel industry, many interior designers use this strategy because it makes the suites feel more spacious.

Enhance the View

The view outside your bedroom matters as it provides swag by creating curb appeal. You can make your room a wonderland by taking advantage of the view beyond the windows. Your bed is the key since it’s where you’ll get the best view.

If there is an attractive feature outdoors, point your bed in that direction. For example, in an upscale community, you can add swag by positioning your bed near a window that overlooks a pool.

Incorporate Elements of the Great Outdoors

In the great outdoors, there are sites and sounds that can give a bedroom distant swag. To incorporate these elements, your home needs something that extends the layout of the bedroom, such as a deck or a balcony.

Your goal is to connect your bedroom with the great outdoors. This may be easy or complicated depending on the climate in your neighborhood. For example, if your neighborhood gets many snowstorms, your bedroom’s exterior swag will drop whenever snow totally covers the balcony.

Design a Practical Furniture Layout

The best aspect of bedroom swag is the design. If you’re able to organize items in your bedroom without altering its central layout, the space has swag. For this objective, you must know your bedroom’s architecture. If you don’t have blueprints, this may be a job for an architect or a designer.

To create a practical furniture layout, everything in your bedroom must compliment one another. If something in the design scheme is off, the space won’t have swag.

Clutter takes away swag, so your bedroom needs a smart layout that enhances organization and maneuverability. However, you shouldn’t remove any essential items to accomplish this. Your bedroom must have an impressive

  • Television
  • Chair
  • Nightstand
  • Dress

Upgrade the Lighting

Great lighting can take the swag in a bedroom to the next level. The minor details matters; if you incorporate light fixtures in practical places, you’ll create ambient effects that can rival the lighting in expensive homes.

There are two ways to incorporate lighting to add swag. You can install the lighting yourself, or you could let an electrician tackle the job. If you want to save cash, buy a few inexpensive adhesive lights, and mount them in key locations yourself. A swagged-out bedroom has lighting

  • By the headboard
  • In drawers
  • Over shelves

A bedroom that has swag is great for entertaining. However, it must also provide comfort at the end of the day. If your mattress is old and uncomfortable, complete this swag project by upgrading it. You can get started by buying a memory foam mattress under $1000.


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