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Your Home, Your Design

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Designing a Home

When you begin to design a home for yourself, you look at materials differently than you would if you were directed to build for someone else. First, building for yourself means putting in all the things you feel are essential for a home. These home choices have plenty to do with what you have been doing most of your life; that is, your profession. Today, there is much more emphasis on saving space, though having enough room is essential. It is also necessary to restrict the amount of space taken up. While the millennial generation is choosing open space theme, a home doesn’t have to be massive.

Getting Particular

Every home has its particulars. For example, should you choose a glass or wood door, wood or stone fireplace mantels, or tile or wood floors? While a fireplace mantel is charming to hang or place small objects, a shelf in other parts of the home can also be valuable. Designing a home can be an enjoyable experience, but then whoever is designing the house needs to be practical. Most homeowners begin with the central rooms and work outwards. For example, if the kitchen or living room is the most used room in the house, the rest of your choices can revolve around these two rooms.

Mini Home or Tiny House

Another trend today in building homes is to go minimalist which hundreds of architects are calling the mini house. It is important that a person considers whether they would want to live in such a small place for five to twenty years. Rather than throw caution to the wind, a home designer needs to ask what kind of guests they will have, how often, and how many. Unless you expect perfect weather for an outside gathering in front of a tiny house, having a few larger rooms for guests to gather is not a bad suggestion. Not everyone feels at home in such tight quarters. Below is a list of some things considered by many to be essential for a comfortable home.

List of Important Items

  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Fireplace
  • Patios and Attached Garden
  • Smart Technology
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Sustainable Materials

Millennial Materials

Millennial designs focus on sustainability and cost-cutting. If you have materials that can be easily sourced, for example, hemp wood or bamboo, at least you have the clear understanding that you are saving the planet since the materials are easily sourced and no animal or endangered species is being destroyed in the process.

3D Homes

Another model of building a home which is taking on quite a bit of traction in architecture today is using聽3D to design tiny homes. 3D building companies use one kind of material, and the entire house is designed and built within 24 hours. If a person wants to have a house which is relatively inexpensive, a 3D home is one of the better choices. Most 3D building materials are simply a combination of straw and mud, which is very cost-effective. A 3D home can have all of the designs of a modern home, except the materials from which they are built is restricted. Additional furniture of one’s own choice can be selected.

Recreational Purpose Rooms

If you are a person who needs different types of recreation, then you will most probably consider adding one or two recreational rooms. There are several possibilities for recreational rooms. A billiard room or an HD movie theater may be suitable for the person who enjoys games and media. For the sportsman, a small pool or spa would be more practical for value. Of course, these decisions depend upon the budget for your build job.

Permanence or Transitive

One last consideration for your home is whether you will be using your home for a short or long time. It is an important consideration. If the home you are building is going to be in the family for generations to come, then you will want your home to last and use the proper materials. On the other hand, if the build is only temporary and you expect to move back to a more stable location within 10-15 years, then you will select materials differently and consider the depreciation of the home over time.

Whatever you have in mind, the decision is yours. It is your home and you can do it your way.


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