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Looking for Luxury? 6 Apartment Features and Amenities You Deserve

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Luxury can be found in almost any place. While most tend to assume that luxury living involves buying a single-family home, the truth is that posh living is a reality in many apartments around the country.

The Luxurious Side of Apartment Living

The proverbial American Dream has been built on the idea of home ownership. The notion has always been that you go to college, graduate with a degree, start working for a company (where you’ll spend the next 40 years), purchase a single-family home, retire with your pension at age 60, and enjoy the country club lifestyle until your number is called. But so much about college education, employment, housing, and retirement have changed over the last 25 years.

The traditional American Dream has been replaced by a millenial version of success. Home ownership, for example, is no longer a staple. Millions of young adults are choosing to rent instead of buy – even when they have the resources to purchase. Flexibility is certainly part of the equation, but it runs deeper than that. The truth is that apartment living is often nicer and more luxurious than owning a home.

Though not always the case, many apartments – new and longstanding – have enhanced their “product” and now provide features and amenities that were previously only available in high-end resorts or million-dollar communities. Some are simple, and others are over-the-top, but there are a few luxuries that have become gold standards in the industry.

  • Thoughtful Design

Traditionally, space has been the biggest point of friction with living in an apartment. Trying to function in a small space can be frustrating and limiting, which drives people away. But apartment architects and designers have learned from their mistakes and started investing in thoughtful design.

“The space must work as hard as it can to offer the best amenity and efficiency before you even consider applied elements,” designer Jeff Provan explains. “The core criteria for good apartment interior design is well considered internal planning and providing all the functionality and liveability of a house, albeit within a smaller space.”

  • Community Amenities

The community amenities in modern apartment complexes are downright astounding. Take the Link Apartments Mixson in Charleston, South Carolina, for example. They feature things like state of the art exercise facilities, dog parks, community gardens, coffee lounges, and valet waste service.

  • Elegant Kitchens

The kitchen is the “money room.” Whether renting or buying, it’s the first room people gravitate towards and it leaves the strongest lasting impression. Apartment designers, no-doubt aware of this, have poured much of their focus into designing elegant kitchens with cutting edge features and modern amenities. This includes things like granite/quartz countertops, smart appliances, smart lighting, and trendy backsplashes.

  • Big Closets

Traditionally, apartments have been known for having very limited storage – particularly with closets. But if you look at some of the newer apartments, you’ll notice that they don’t skimp on closet space. Some even have walk-in closets that connect to the master bathroom. Consider this another feature that’s evolved out of incessant demand.

  • Pet-Friendly

An increasingly large percentage of apartments have reversed course and are now considered pet-friendly. This is in direct response to the number of apartment seekers who own pets and/or have the desire to own a pet in the future.

But today’s luxury apartments don’t just allow pets – they cater to them. From dog washing stations and concierge dog walkers to pet socials and modern dog parks, there’s a lot to love.

  • Concierge Services

Luxury apartments are now acting much like five-star hotels. You’ll find an array of concierge-arranged services, including dog walking, room service, and dry cleaning. The goal is to relieve residents of mundane duties so they can enjoy the other amenities that are offered.

Embracing the Apartment Lifestyle

Luxurious apartments are no longer reserved for Beverly Hills or Manhattan. From Charleston, South Carolina to Omaha, Nebraska and everywhere in between, luxury living is now possible without needing to own a home. It’s a powerful shift in the view of the American dream.



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