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2020 DFS Baseball World Series: Ranking The Ten Most Powerful MLB Pitchers

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One of the most critical positions in professional baseball games is the pitchers. They are part of the defensive team and situated on the right end of the spectrum. The pitcher throws the baseball from his position towards the catcher to start the play. Not only that, his other function is to stop the batter from drawing a walk or making contact on the pitched ball. Today, the Major Baseball League is holding the MLB World Series finals between the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers. Also, the MLB fantasy games are settling online for bettors to play and wager. With this, you have to find the best pitchers in the field to fulfill a successful baseball betting game.

Picking a DFS MLB Pitcher might be challenging at the same time demanding. Hence, as you head on to witness an intense MLB World Series match-up and gambling on DFS baseball games, take a closer look at this year’s toughest pitchers. 

Here are the top ten of today’s best pitchers in DFS 2020. 

Jacob deGrom (New York Mets) 

Jacob deGrom is probably the best pitcher in the MLB today. He is a three-time recipient of the  National League Cy Young Award and a two-time National League Strikeout Leader awardee. deGrom has been the starting pitcher for the New York Mets since 2014. This year, he had started his season, making 22 strikeouts and 2.12 ERA (average earned runs). 

Shane Bieber (Cleveland Indians)

Cleveland Indians made the right move in 2018 after hiring Shane Bieber as their starting pitcher. Last year, he was unstoppable, making two-digit historic back-to-back strikeouts to open the league. Looking into his career achievements, Bieber was the 2019 All-Star Game MVP, Triple Crown recipient,  AL Wins Leader, AL ERA Leader, and AL Strikeout Leader. 

Gerrit Cole (New York Yankees) 

Accomplishing at least 326 strikeouts last season against the Astros, Gerrit Cole entered the MLB today as one of the most overpowering pitchers. Since he got traded by the Yankees this year, Cole never slowed down his performance. In fact, he debuted 16 strikeouts with a 2.55 ERA. Last year, Cole was awarded as the MLB Strikeout Leader and AL ERA Leader. 

Max Scherzer (Washington Nationals) 

Popularly known as “Mad Max,” Max Scherzer is one of MLB’s most dominant pitchers today. He was a three-time National League Cy Young Award recipient working for the Washington Nationals since 2015. Today, he’s back in the league and welcomed the season with back-to-back two-digit strikeouts and 2.84 ERA. 

Sonny Gray (Cincinnati Reds) 

Garnering a two-time All-Star award, Sonny Gray joins the roster of today’s toughest MLB pitchers. After joining the Reds in 2018, Gray has impacted the team and generated 205 strikeouts in 2.87 ERA. During his first three starts, he recorded  28 strikeouts and is expected to produce more throughout the league. 

Lance Lynn (Texas Rangers)

Lance Lynn started to break out of his career upon joining the Texas Rangers last year. He recorded 246 strikeouts with a 3.67 ERA, landing on the fifth rank to earn the AL Cy Young Award. He had the best season in his pitching career last season since he started working in 2011. 

Trevor Bauer (Cincinnati Reds) 

Trevor Bauer joined Sonny Gray in the power rankings today as the strongest pitchers in the MLB. He is also working for the Cincinnati Reds, who made a superb performance since he joined the team in 2019. Bauer started this year with 13 strikeouts. That said, he is a recipient of this year’s NL ERA Leader. 

Brandon Woodruff (Milwaukee Brewers)

Brandon Woodruff started his career as a pitcher with Milwaukee Brewers in 2017.  During his early playing years, Woodruff was all-around the bush but has impressively improved today. He was a break-out All-Star player in 2019, generating 143 strikeouts with 3.62 ERA. 

Luis Castillo (Cincinnati Reds)

The Reds are sending trio pitchers in the power rankings today, and Luis Castillo completes the lineup. Last year, Castillo made a remarkable performance after nailing 226 strikeouts. Today, he started the league impressively with 17 innings, including 11 strikeouts in the first game. 

German Marquez (Colorado Rockies)

German Marquez is a Venezuelan baseball player who joined the Colorado Rockies in 2016. He started working as a pitcher for the team and established his name right away.  In the last two MLB seasons, Marquez made 405 strikeouts. Besides, he debuted this year with a 1.89 ERA with 23 overs. 


An excellent MLB team does employ not only the best batters but also the strongest pitchers. These players are responsible for the team’s defense, making sure they gain the most impressive number of strikeouts per game. 

Hence, whether you are playing a DFS MLB or watching an intense baseball match-up, the ten best pitchers mentioned above can make your experience more thrilling and exciting.


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