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2021 NBA Standings: Ranking The Top 10 Eastern Conference Groups In Week 5

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Highlighting thirty teams in a 72-ball game format, the 2020-21 NBA season is now taking the senses of every basketball fan all over the world. Few months after the Los Angeles Lakers showed toughness by earning the current NBA title, the newest regular season of the National Basketball Association started last December 22, 2020.

Teams representing both the Western and Eastern Conference are slowly climbing to the top as the season progresses in its 5th Week. The full 2020-21 NBA season is divided into two segments: First-Half and Second-Half. The All-Star Break will take place starting May, which serves as the gap of the season.

While the Western Conference teams have been doing great, led by the Los Angeles Lakers as the top seed, the Eastern groups didn’t want to get left behind. As the NBA makes way for the Week 5 scheduled games, let’s see the best groups dominating the Eastside garnering the best odds as you click here for FanDuel and other top-tiered bookies.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers had made it to the first-rounds of the play-ins last season but lost to the Boston Celtics in a 4-0 game run. Today, this team soared high as they got the top seed in the Eastern Conference, garnering twelve wins and six losses. Headed by Doc Rivers, the 76ers are looking to earn their Conference Cup that has escaped them since 2001.

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics presently earned ten wins and six losses and took the second spot in the Eastern Conference ranking. They were almost a step away from the finals last year, but their hopes got delayed by the Miami Heat during the Conference match-up. The Celtics got their latest Divisional Cup in 2017 and Conference title in 2010.

Milwaukee Bucks

Defeating the Orlando Magic in the first rounds of the 2019-2020 NBA play-ins, the Milwaukee Bucks headed to the Conference semis. But, this team lost to the Heat, which ended their journey last season. Today, the Bucks are coming back, occupying the third seat in the Eastside odds ranking with ten wins and six losses.

Indiana Pacers

It seems that last NBA season was the Heat’s time as they also defeated the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the play-ins. This year, this team soared high, sitting in the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference. The Pacers currently have ten wins and seven losses, and they’ll surely be up for more as the season continues.

Brooklyn Nets

Garnering eleven wins and eight losses, the Brooklyn Nets are on the 5th seed in the Eastside odds ranking. Last year, they got into the play-ins, but the Toronto Raptors left them winless to end their season. The Nets won their latest against the Miami Heat to a 98-85 game run.

Atlanta Hawks

Headed by Lloyd Pierce, the Atlanta Hawks are making a good entrance in the Eastern Conference seeding as they sit in 6th place. They currently earned nine wins and eight losses. The Hawks recently defeated one of the East’s best teams: the Celtics in a 108-99 game run. In their next game, they will go up against the Brooklyn Nets.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers got their last Divisional and Conference title in 2018. This recognition got lost in the past two years as they failed to enter the play-ins. In today’s season, the Cavs are looking for a huge comeback as they settled at the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference with eight wins and nine losses.

Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic got their play-in experience last year, but their dreams for the NBA finals got chased by the Bucks and left behind. However, the Magic started the 2020-21 NBA season with high hopes to enter post-season once again. They presently settled with eighth spot with eight wins and ten losses.

New York Knicks

It was in 2013 that the New York Knicks earned their last Divisional title. From then, they failed to take an inch closer to the play-ins. Today, it seems that the Knicks are joining the biggest dogs who dream of winning the NBA title. They settled at the 9th seed in the Eastern Conference, garnering eight wins and eleven losses.

Toronto Raptors

Before the Lakers took away their title, the Raptors were the 2019 NBA champs. Last season, they failed to punch a ticket to the Conference Finals after being defeated by the Boston Celtics. Today, they lie at the 10th seed in the Eastern side with seven wins and ten losses.


Looking into the odds ranking of the teams representing the Eastern Conference for the 2020-21 NBA season, it seems that the best groups were the biggest dogs. The Heat, the current Conference titleholder, failed to start the season as strong as they were last year. Will these ten teams continue to boost their odds in the coming days, or will the other teams pass them by instead?


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