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7 Gear That Are The Best Aesthetic Fits For Dirt Bike Riders

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Motocross riding and style on the track have a lot to do with each other.

Yes, you can still be a motocross rider without caring about style, but aesthetics surely boost confidence and make us stand out from the crowd.

And if you are one of those riders that like their style game up even when they are on track, this post is right for you.

So, whether you are a professional rider or somebody just starting off, buckle up.

Here we are sharing a list of seven stylish gear that you can carry to your next dirt bike event.

1. Smart Helmet

Starting from the top, a helmet is the most important gear that every motorcycle rider must wear the moment they get on the bike.

But what’s stylish here?

Well, a smart helmet with bluetooth connectivity and enough space for an action camera is what you need.

Surely, it’s going to be a pleasure to capture your wonderful riding experiences.

2. Riding Jersey

Next thing that you must get is a cool riding jersey with the colours of your choice.

Also, it’ll be better if the colours on your jersey match the colours of your helmet and bike as well.

Of course, we are talking about style here.

Just make sure that the jersey is comfortable and breathable.

3. Riding Gloves

Riding gloves make another super-crucial part of riding gear that you must carry to the track.

So, pick something based on your aesthetic preferences.

And if you are a fan of bright colours, do have a look at the Troy Lee Designsairflow gloves. They come in a variety of bright and neon colours.

Make sure that your gloves are comfortable, breathable and good enough for serving the main purpose of protecting your hands.

4. Riding Pants

As you are going to be on the track, riding pants are going to be important so your legs are safe if a crash occurs.

The web and the offline stores as well have a large variety of stylish riding pants that you can choose from.

All these come in several colours and surely, you will find the best one for your aesthetic taste. Just don’t sacrifice safety and quality for the looks.

5. Riding Boots

Who wouldn’t like to have some super-cool riding boots while entering the track on their two-wheeled beast?

And as we are looking for something that is equally strong as well, Alpinestars Tech 3 boots make the cut to be our first choice.

The pair is super stylish, super safe and beginner friendly.

6. Racing Jacket

Now comes the turn for a stylish racing jacket.

These jackets protect the riders from scratches and injuries of different kinds that may crop up after a crash.

And the chances of crashing on a dirt track are not thin. So, get a stylish racing jacket like Fox Racing Titan.

It’ll keep you safe and stylish at the same time.

7. Knee, Elbow and Arm Guards

You wouldn’t want to injure your bones, right?

Knees, elbows and arms are highly likely to get injured in dirt bike crashes.

To ensure safety you must wear knee guards, plus elbow and arm guards if you aren’t wearing a riding jacket.

Carrying a riding jacket is important as it safeguards the chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms, elbows and the entire back as well.

Final words

As you look forward to honing your motocross skills or participating in an event, wearing the right riding gear becomes essential. And when the riding gear is stylish at the same time, the treat is surely enhanced.

In this post, we shared a list of seven such riding gear that are important and uplift the aesthetics for the rider.

Hopefully, this was helpful.


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