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Armen Agaian’s Skating Path

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All it took for Armen Agaian to thrive was a pair of ice skates and a dream.

A Remarkable Upbringing

Born to a family of three in Georgia, Armen’s childhood was filled with love and support. His devoted mother made sure he and his siblings always had access to opportunities for growth. For Armen, this growth was found through after-school programming and ice skating.

Since Armen was young, he had a talent for creating choreography. He would develop captivating dance programs and shows, using his innate sense of rhythm and acting to impress any audience willing to watch him.


Years later, he decided to combine his talents and use his skills in choreography as an ice skater. Since then, he has earned many notable achievements in the area of figure skating.

Using His Potential

Armen diligently pursued his love for figure skating during his youth, always seeking new knowledge from experienced coaches. Seeing his commitment, his father even once sold their car to buy him a new pair of skates. His belief in Armen’s potential served as a constant source of encouragement as he pursued his dreams.

Within a few years, Armen began taking classes under Rafael Arutunian, an Armenian-American coach known for his work with Olympic medalist Nathan Chen.

Because of this training, he was later able to compete against notable figures in the world of figure skating, representing the US in national competitions such as the Junior World Championships on several occasions.

During his figure skating career, Armen won the Chopin’s Competition in Georgia and earned the title of five-time National Champion in the same state.

Other notable competitions include the 2013 Youth Olympics Games, the Junior Grand Prix, and the 2016 European Championships, where he showed his talents on the global stage.

Armen’s Bright Future

Armen’s significant accomplishments and unwavering dedication have made him a figure skating celebrity. His commitment to the art of figure skating has inspired the lives of many other young skaters, yearning for the chance to show off their own skills.

Because his schedule has focused on skating for the last several years, Armen plans to pursue a Bachelor’s degree soon. Armen values education above all and believes that pursuing this degree is yet another way to advance his future.

Armen also hopes to continue improving his skills by regularly attending figure skating coach seminars. He is also committed to making the world of figure skating more inclusive for young skaters through his work with the New York Ice Theater, which provides skating opportunities to children of color and children from low-income families.

When asked where he pictures himself in ten years, Armen says he still plans to be fully immersed in ice skating, contributing to the development of other skaters that come after him. He hopes to inspire his skaters to compete not only in the US but internationally to prepare them for successful futures in the sport.

Armen’s life journey stands as a testament to the strength behind passion and perseverance. His talents in figure skating, willingness to learn new techniques, and unconditional support from his family have propelled him to great heights.

When it comes to Armen’s future, one thing is sure: his determination to succeed can’t be stopped.

About the Author

Emily Parker has been celebrating humankind’s achievements for years. She hopes to continue using her writing for good as she highlights accomplishments from the nation’s greatest success stories.



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