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Black Mirror’s Robbie Tann delves into tech horrors

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Exploring Tann’s Unsettling Journey through “Black Mirror” and Thrilling Adventures in “The Creator”

In an era where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, actor Robbie Tann emerges as a captivating force, fearlessly navigating the dark and complex worlds of contemporary storytelling. With his role in the new season of Black Mirror and his upcoming film The Creator, Tann proves himself as a rising star unafraid to explore the unsettling implications of technology and society.

SWAGGER had the opportunity to sit down with the talented actor to discuss his experiences and dive into the depths of his thought-provoking performances.

Photography By: Storm Santos

“Black Mirror: Mazey Day”: A Terrifying Reflection of Our Present

In the groundbreaking episode Mazey Day of the renowned series Black Mirror, Tann takes us on a spine-chilling journey into a world that hits far too close to home. Departing from the show’s futuristic themes, the episode explores the harrowing exploits of the paparazzi and their relentless pursuit of the perfect shot. Tann reveals his fascination with the storyline, emphasizing its timely relevance by highlighting the invasive nature of our obsession with celebrity culture and the erosion of personal privacy.

With a touch of trepidation, Tann states, “What terrified me about this story, and what made it a Black Mirror story, was that it revolved around something that already exists and is in use every single day at levels of excess. It feels like we’re living the nightmare, and it’s too late.” Through his portrayal of a paparazzo who justifies his actions as artistic expression, Tann deftly encapsulates the moral complexities and the disconcerting reality of media intrusion in our modern society.

“Black Mirror”: Prophecy Meets Reality

Black Mirror has captivated audiences worldwide with its prophetic exploration of technology’s impact on society. Tann believes the show’s success lies in its ability to merge futuristic concepts with a core of realism. He explains, “Even though it’s forward-thinking and fantastical at times, it’s dealing with something realistic at its core—things we see and recognize in our daily lives and know may be coming down the line.”

Moreover, Tann acknowledges the show’s unsettling connection to real-life developments, stating, “It’s also terrifying how much of the show’s technology has already materialized in our world in some form or another. The prophetic nature of Charlie Brooker’s [creator and co-showrunner] work only builds on its lore and popularity.” By delving into the depths of technology’s influence, Black Mirror continues to captivate viewers and challenge their perceptions of the future.

The Intimate Battle: Privacy and Media Intrusion in “Mazey Day”

Portraying a character entangled in the morally grey world of paparazzi culture posed a unique challenge for Tann. With a deep-rooted disdain for the invasion of privacy perpetuated by tabloid journalism, he had to transcend personal judgement and truly understand the mindset of his character. Tann explains, “In my head I had to be like, this guy is just like me because he believes he’s an artist. He believes invading these people’s privacy is necessary to making great art.'”

By approaching the role with empathy and nuance, Tann delivers a complex portrayal that provokes introspection and confronts our collective responsibility for preserving the boundaries of privacy. Through his masterful performance, he urges us to question the limits of artistic expression and the morality of our voyeuristic tendencies.

Photography By: Storm Santos

From Dystopian Visions to Thrilling Adventures: “The Creator”

Tann’s remarkable journey into the realm of science fiction continues with his upcoming film, The Creator. Set to ignite the silver screen with its technical brilliance and exhilarating plot, the film promises to be a theatrical experience like no other. Tann reveals, “I think it’s going to blow people away with how well it’s been executed on a technical level.”

Collaborating with acclaimed actor John David Washington and under the visionary direction of Gareth Edwards, known for his work on Rogue One and Godzilla, Tann was inspired by the dedication and professionalism of his co-star. He admires Washington’s relentless pursuit of excellence, stating, “He’s always chasing the best version of every scene. That earnestness is rare, and I appreciate it so much.”

In addition to Tann’s respect for Washington, his admiration for Edwards as a director is truly remarkable. He shares, “I think I’m most excited for people to see how good Gareth is as a director. A lot of people don’t understand that this guy is an auteur. He has his hand in so many aspects of this film directly. He’s the nicest guy and a great collaborator.” Tann’s experience working alongside Washington and Edwards has undoubtedly enriched his craft, offering invaluable insights into the world of filmmaking.

When preparing for the intricacies of his roles in science fiction projects, Tann reveals his immersive approach to character development. He emphasizes the importance of connecting deeply to the script and personalizing the experiences outlined within it. “I daydream a lot,” Tann confides. “I walk around the city for hours and just think about the world of the project and ways I can deepen my connection to the material.”

Understanding the physical demands of his role in The Creator, Tann undertook a rigorous physical training regimen to ensure he was in peak condition. Through consistent Peloton sessions, weightlifting, and maintaining a healthy diet, Tann prepared himself to meet the challenges of the film head-on. Reflecting on the experience, he acknowledges the need for continuous growth, asserting, “I would never jump into a film like it again without serious training. I wouldn’t make it!”

The Theatrical Odyssey: Navigating Across Mediums

Tann’s career has seamlessly transitioned across television, film, and theatre, each offering its unique challenges. Having initially gravitated towards theatre, Tann found himself drawn to the outward performance and pure athleticism it demanded. In contrast, television and film required a different approach—being present and vulnerable.

Admitting that TV and film were initially more challenging, Tann has embraced the process and found immense satisfaction in the rewards of growth. He remarks, “TV and film are much higher risk for me, but I enjoy the reward of inching towards getting better and better; it’s very satisfying.” Tann’s ability to adapt and excel across various mediums showcases his versatility and commitment to honing his craft.

Photography By: Storm Santos

Embracing Complexity: The Artistic Calling

Tann’s inclination toward roles and projects that explore complex themes and embrace the grey areas of life stems from his profound curiosity about the depths of human experience. He gravitates toward stories that examine intricate emotional, political, and character issues, aspiring to explore them in a non-judgmental and thought-provoking manner.

Expressing his dedication to the creative process, Tann states, “I’d rather fail time and time again with earnestness than succeed with a cynical half-hearted try.” His unwavering commitment to embodying earnestness resonates with audiences and evokes a sense of authenticity in his performances.

Dreams on the Horizon: Collaborations and Ambitions

As Tann looks ahead to his future career, he envisions a balance between high-profile projects and indie gems that allow him to showcase his full range of abilities. He expresses admiration for luminaries such as Craig Mazin, the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed series Chernobyl, and visionary director Denis Villeneuve. 

Equally excited about the burgeoning talents and fresh voices emerging in the industry, Tann is drawn to smart, thoughtful projects that explore the minutiae of life and the intimate relationships that define us. His craving to portray the epic emotional range of everyday people’s lives is fueled by his belief that there is profound beauty in the ordinary.

As Robbie Tann continues to captivate audiences with his profound performances, his journey as an actor illuminates the power of vulnerability, curiosity, and a relentless pursuit of creative authenticity. With every role he embraces, he not only elevates the art of storytelling but also reminds us of the immense scope and emotional depth that lie within the human experience.



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