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The Entertaining World of Sports

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Plenty of people think sports are a form of entertainment in and of themselves. There is certainly some level of drama surrounding those who make it to the playoffs or Superbowl. When bad calls are made that could affect the outcome of a Stanley Cup or World Cup winner, we are talking about it with the same fervor as some talk about the rose ceremony on The Bachelor. But there is a myriad of ways in which sports lends itself to the entertainment industry.

Bring on the Sports Betting

With online sports betting sites, like, there is a new level of entertainment to the sporting environment. When we are checking spreads to find the best betting picks, we are more engaged with our favorite sport than we were prior. It’s important to remember the fun part of betting and not go too far with it! Cover The Spread 365 helps people new to sports betting by teaching them betting tips and what odds and trends to focus on. With so many sports games to bet on, Cover The Spread 365 offers free sports picks to it’s audience. They grind out all the sports betting trends and stats while you reap the benefits.

Shows Surrounding Sports

Wrestling is one of the more popular sports that was turned into a multi-million-dollar franchise. WWF & WWE made a splash for bringing the sport to the small screen and making it entertaining. So much so that catch phrases and certain wrestlers became major icons. Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, started as a wrestler and has moved on to other television shows and movies. Dave Bautista is another wrestler who has found a home in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Some television shows are also sports focused with less of a focus on the sport itself. Netflix has now released Glow, a comedic show that is all about the birth of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling that is being met with rave reviews. Friday Night Lights has been a big favorite amongst the football fans in the US. Eastbound & Down is a hilarious show about a baseball player that got knocked out of the majors and sent to the minors. How about that Craig T. Nelson show “Coach”? That was an incredibly popular show in the 90s that mixed a bit of college football with a family trying to navigate the changes we face in life.

Movies Always Rank High

Movies will always add entertainment to the sports world. More often than not, we can learn a little bit of unknown history about a favorite player or sports team. A League of Their Own is a special movie in that it’s the only one that talks about the women who played baseball during World War II. 42 is a touching story about Jackie Robinson and all that he faced as a major baseball player that was also a black man pushing boundaries. Rudy, The Blind Side, and Remember the Titans are all inspiring stories about the football underdogs. Bend It Like Beckham is a great movie about soccer and the girls who love to play it.

Books Have a Home Here

Nothing is more entertaining than a good autobiography, or biography, from our favorite athletes. While we often see only one aspect of the sporting world, retired athletes can share the real stories. Those things that happen behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Greg Louganis, a world-renowned diver and Olympiad, unleashed all in his book called “Breaking the Surface”. Golf great Arnold Palmer has his own story printed called “A Life Well Played”. These books are meant to inspire us to be as brave and successful as our heroes. To get through hard times and keep practicing until we are the best we can be.

Entertainment isn’t hard to come by. Sports aren’t hard to come by. It’s natural that these two things have crossed each other’s’ paths and made our lives much more entertaining with sports themes.


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