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Kansas City Royals Win 2015 World Series in heartbreaking 13th inning

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Royals have been a huge contender in baseball this year, and after post season, having a successful win against their biggest threat the Toronto Blue Jays. They were poised to win the World Series easily, but the mets held them for a full 9 innings in game 5 to what seemed like a comeback special for the Mets. UNTIL Hosmer made a spectacular push to tie the game in the 9th to have the game run up to extra innings.

It all went downhill from there. 3 innings of no score 2-2 until the 13th inning where the mets second baseman broke his cool and put up 2 errors which gave the royals a commanding lead of 7-2. With spirits broken the mets had no chance of coming back and the dreams of a victory and hope of the 2015 World Series was taken away in a moments notice. For these 2 teams this has been one of the most grueling game of baseball with the victor being the Royals have played a strong game of offense and a to-die-for pitching roster with Volquez leading the charge. The royals have done it. They are the 2015 World Series champs and they’ve earned it!


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