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NCAA Basketball Predictions: Maryland

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Some NCAA basketball experts have predicted Maryland to go all the way to the Final Four this year. Some of them rightly observe that there are a few players this season that chose to forgo the NBA in order to stay in school a year or two longer, hoping for a championship win. These players include Melo Trimble and Jack Layman, both of which have a high level of skill as upperclassmen. This could be Maryland’s key to gaining the big win this season, with seasoned players who know the court well and are good enough for the pros.

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Even so, some of their most recent games did not make them look particularly ready for a Final Four tournament. Their game against Penn State was a win, but they did not play particularly well. They trailed behind their adversaries for most of the game, until freshman Diamond Stone scored 39 points, the most on record for any Maryland freshman. However, their next game, against Northwestern, saw them in better form. Whatever Mark Turgeon said to his team worked. The Terrapins had a vicious defense and won 72-59. Turgeon himself stated that this game would decide the future for Maryland and whether they had the gumption to continue on as true contenders. It looks like they proved their worth. Maybe the experts were right about the Terrapins after all and they will go all the way to the top.

Only time will tell how far they go, but it is important to note that the attitude of players means everything. Northwestern’s downfall was their cockiness after easy wins—they’ve built their record on beating weaker teams. It was this complacency that allowed the Terrapins to win decidedly and could contribute to an end to their season. says, “this should be seen as a warning to Maryland,” who needs the best attitude it can muster to find itself in the most important tournament in the league.



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