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Five things to do in Las Vegas if you don’t gamble

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When someone says “Las Vegas”, the first things that come to mind are gambling machines, casinos, roulettes, cheap but fancy weddings, and the famous Elvis’ song. A city of sin praised for its gambling industry, Las Vegas might seem to be attractive to those who want to make easy money and try to win a fortune.

But taking Las Vegas merely as a city of gambling is almost the same as taking Paris as a city of Mona Lisa and baguette. There is obviously so much more than Big Ben in London and Red Square in Moscow. So it is true for Las Vegas as well – it has a lot of interesting places to offer to those who do not like gambling.

There are lots of things to see and to do in Vegas besides gambling. In fact, being the entertainment capital of the world, it has way more entertainment than casinos which have built its fame. From magic shows to exquisite culinary pleasures, from horse training to para-dropping. Vegas has it all.

  1. Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley

Actually, Las Vegas starts from the truly magnificent Hoover Dam, and it is a sight worthy of traveling to. Yes, the city full of casinos looks gorgeous, but that incredibly huge dam created by a man is way more impressive. In case you want to repeat the impression, you absolutely have to visit a Grand Canyon. Shown in numerous movies and pictures, in reality, it is a breathtaking viewpoint. You will never forget those magnificent cliffs and the size of this place. Among other noteworthy places around Las Vegas, there are Red Rock Canyon and Death Valley. Visit a horse training court to book a trip to these places and you’ll feel the very spirit of America.

  1. Hang out with the rock stars

Rock Camp is a place in Las Vegas where old but gold rock stars regularly launch the best concerts. Moreover, there is a unique tour giving you an opportunity to hang out with those rock legends, take a photo with musicians whose masterpieces accompanied some special moments of your life. Ever dreamed of meeting your favorite musician? Then Las Vegas is the best place to make your dreams come true! A show program at Rock Camp is constantly changing, so there is a huge chance you’ll meet your idol.

  1. Take a walk around Las Vegas downtown

Las Vegas downtown is a place of great interest. Here you can visit the unique museum fully dedicated to mafia’s activity. You can have a guided tour of a neon lights museum. You can make several laps in a luxury car in Exotics Racing, enjoy singing Bellagio Fountains and pamper yourself with famous sweets at Ethel M chocolate factory. And there are many more fabulous places such as famous Vegas restaurants and Hard Rock Cafe, where you can meet your favorite celebrity. Finally, downtown, you can easily book a flight over the Las Vegas Strip and see all the most iconic viewpoints. Even if you don’t know what to do downtown, do not worry. Las Vegas is one big showplace, and all you have to do is to wander around and enjoy the view. More info…

  1. See a Magic Show

Do you know what else Las Vegas is famous for? Magic shows. For decades illusionists from the US and all over the world did their best to make people believe that magic does really exist. Harry Houdini and his tricks made Vegas the world’s capital of magic, and nothing has changed since those times. Till nowadays the world’s best magicians are constantly launching their new shows here. If names like David Copperfield, Criss Angel, Adam London, and Xavier Mortimer mean something to you, then Las Vegas is your best place to hang out. Surprisingly, prices are quite affordable, and nights of wonders are held here daily, so if you are looking for some awesome sight, don’t miss a chance to see some real magic! More info…

  1. Horse training sessions

If you like horses, Las Vegas has something for you up in its sleeve. Here you can find several the most famous and world-known horse training schools. If you believe that you are a true fan of horses, take a note at Jessie Bonneau horse training studio courses, or just take time to enjoy the beauty of these noble animals. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you’ll find lots of interesting things about horses here. Horse riding and animal treatment, show jumping, hippotherapy, horserace and even horseback riding in the surrounding area. If it is somehow related to horses, you can find it in Las Vegas. More info…


Las Vegas is absolutely not about gambling. Well, there are actually lots of casinos there, but if you want to bring home from Vegas something more than empty pockets and a hangover, try to look for new impressions. After all, the impressions are forever with us. Don’t miss a chance to get some more of them!

Know any other interesting activities in Vegas aside from gambling? Feel free to share your thoughts with everyone in the most convenient way. Good luck!


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