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What to Ask Yourself Before You Move to Another Country

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In one respect, it should be an adventure like no other. If you enjoy traveling solo and you are considering going to another country, or you’ve had a job offer, there can be so many conflicting emotions and questions arising. But what do you really need to ask yourself before you move to another country?

What Lifestyle Do I Want?

Think about what you would like to achieve by going to this other country. Do you want to live somewhere where you can get a lot of sun, and are out in nature with a laid-back lifestyle, or are you looking for something with a lot more pace? And what sort of accommodation do you want to live in? Are you looking for an affordable Kuala Lumpur apartment or a lavish house? Naturally, your earnings will dictate a lot of this but you still need to consider what sort of lifestyle you want and if the country is suitable for that lifestyle? If you are trying to weigh up your options where you want to go, you need to make a list of your dream destinations. But you then need to see if the country you want to go to we’ll meet your expectations.

Why Do I Want to Move Abroad?

If you get a job offer then you have to ask yourself if it’s for a valid reason. For many people going abroad can be the making of them. If you want to get a better future by going to another country or you are looking to expand your horizons you really have to drill down deep to get the answer within yourself. As grandiose as this sounds you need to make sure that your reason for moving abroad lines up with your core values. Think about what you want to achieve based on who you are. Many people move abroad to expand certain horizons like learning a new language. But you need to decide whether it’s worth preparing your passport and going through all the rigmarole to have the same sort of existential crises in a different setting. But any lesson learned is a worthwhile one, although it’s worth picturing yourself living abroad. You can take inspiration from people who constantly move. You may have different reasons for moving to a new country every couple of years. But you’ve got to consider the personal impacts of moving every so often.

Will I Actually Miss Home?

Many people go abroad because they want to escape their current situation in one way or another. But when we feel that we just need to have a change of scenery it may very well be something that creeps up on us. Missing home isn’t necessarily about the people or the place but it could be a feeling that you get every now and again. And it’s not easy to be homesick. And in fact, many people who go traveling can feel homesick but it will soon pass. If you feel that you will miss home but you still feel the pull of going abroad, find a way to get the best of both worlds. Saving up a lot of money before you go so you can travel home intermittently can help. But for many people, home is a state of mind.

What Other Obstacles Are There?

Various obstacles can take the shine off the process. This could be external obstacles like work permits and money but there can also be internal ones such as those negative beliefs that stop you from moving. And this is something that we all have to face up to. Traveling abroad is something that can throw up many conflicts within us. But whenever you have a negative thought you need to write it down and ask yourself: what is the worst that could happen? Whenever we go to great lengths to move away from everything, we know we want the grass to be greener on the other side. And while this may be the case in some ways there will be considerable challenges in others. 

Moving to another country might feel like the solution to a problem, but it could change your life despite throwing up other obstacles. But if you ever think that moving to another country is something you will benefit from in life, it’s your duty to give it a go. Travel broadens the mind, and moving somewhere, even if it’s for a short period of time, can broaden us in more ways than we ever thought possible.


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