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Why Italy Makes An Excellent Destination For Retirees

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Retirement is a new phase of life, and you can actually make the golden years worth living. Affluent Americans are more than keen to move to a retirement destination and live their best life during this phase. Italy is among the most popular countries for retirees looking for a better life. It offers the best weather, an easy lifestyle, incredible culture, and popular cuisine.

But there are better reasons to choose the country as your retirement destination. If you are interested, you can get qualified assistance from Bersani Law Firm to explore your immigration options. Let us explain why Italy makes an excellent destination for retirees looking for the best life post-retirement.

Easy immigration with an elective residence visa

Think beyond the food, culture, weather, and lifestyle, and Italy emerges as a great place to retire from the immigration perspective. The elective residency visa allows foreigners to stay for the long haul. It is ideal for retirees as applicants must be financially independent without relying on gainful employment within Italy. The passive income criteria fit retirees perfectly as they expect to live on their pensions, investments, and dividends rather than work for earning. Applicants must show a passive income exceeding 鈧 32,000 per annum and documented proof of housing to qualify for the elective visa. It is an affordable alternative as there is no need to bring a hefty investment. You can even bring your family members with some additional income to support them.聽

Excellent healthcare benefits

When choosing a retirement destination, it is always worth checking the healthcare system and facilities of the country. Italy has one of the best in the world, and an elective residence visa permit gives you the option to register with the National Healthcare System. You get facilities like a free family doctor, specialist tests, and visits. You have to pay nominal fees for hospitalization if the need arises down the line. So the country makes a great choice for retirees looking for a comfortable life during their later years.


Long-term prospects

Another reason to choose Italy as a retiree is that it opens the prospects of a long-term stay. Although the elective visa is a temporary immigration solution, it lets you access the benefits of a residence permit. Holders can apply for a permanent permit for long-term residence after staying in the country for five years. A decade of legal residence in the country makes you eligible for Italian Citizenship. You can own one of the most powerful passports and pass it on to the next generations. There couldn’t be a better way to enjoy your retirement years and leave a legacy for your loved ones.

Besides being an incredible country to live in, Italy earns acclaim for its easy immigration. The best part is that it has excellent options for retirees in addition to young immigrants. You only need expert guidance on picking the apt alternative to move to the country, start afresh, and stay for the long haul. Find an immigration expert you can rely on to make the process a breeze.



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