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Why You Should Visit The Island Of St Maarten

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The Caribbean island of St Maarten attracts tourists from all over the world and has become increasingly popular over the past few years. If you have never visited this beautiful island before, then continue reading to see our list of exactly why you should visit it at least once in your life.

It is home to colorful festivals

Throughout the year in St Maarten there are festivals and carnivals for you to enjoy. The dance music festival, SXM draws more than 2,000 individuals to the island to dance the night away in front of a line up of 75 DJs from all around the world. The festival’s daytime beach parties evolve into all out night time raves that feature plenty of tropical decorations, loud sound systems, and impressive light shows. Visiting SXM will not leave you disappointed.

It has beautiful beaches

Despite St Maarten being a relatively small island, it is home to 37 beaches, all of which are very beautiful and inviting to the many tourists that visit each year. Some of the best beaches and bays to visit include Orient Bay, Grand Case Beach, Mullet Bay, Little Bay, and Anse Marcel Beach. Whilst these are our favorites, you may find a different strip of sand that you prefer.

It is great for shopping

One of the main attractions that brings so many tourists to the island is the duty free shopping. St Maarten has become somewhat of a go to destination for luxury items, such as designer clothes and jewelry. The jewelry store st maarten has some of the finest jewelry in the entire Caribbean and is somewhere you must stop by during your visit to pick up a beautiful gift for a loved one,

It has tasty food

With more than 300 individual restaurants representing in excess of 100 different nationalities, it is no surprise that St Maarten is deemed by many to be the culinary capital of the whole Caribbean. This means that during your visit to St Maarten, you can taste a wide array of food types, from Mediterranean to French and everything in between. In addition to more established restaurants, you will also find many small roadside food stalls and barbeque pits dotted throughout the island. These meals are best washed down with a local Caribbean bear that is packed full of flavor. 

It is home to breathtaking scenery

Take yourself away from the beach for a minute and you will find that St Maarten is actually home to some incredible scenery in the form of soft mountains and golden sunsets. The island is full of flora and fauna, making it the ideal vacation destination for birdwatchers. To do the best spotting, head for the dense wetland harbor, the rocky islets, or the mangrove forests, where you are sure to see something unique.

Other reasons why you should visit the island of St Maarten include the fact that you’re visiting two different European countries, it has beautiful coral, and has a thriving nightlife.


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