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The Best Hotels in Kuwait

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Kuwait is ranked as one of the best cities to visit. According to the index, it is safe there based on the crime rate, which is low before Abu Dhabi and Vaduz. On social media platforms like Instagram, you can find over 5000 hashtags of Kuwait. That’s one of the reasons why the capital made it to the list of the best cities worldwide. The rating is based on criteria such as weather, climate, and tourist facilities. Besides that, Kuwait offers great stays and warm hospitality, which makes the experience even more epic.

Travelling will open many doors 

Travelling to different destinations will open your horizon and keep you open-minded. It shows you different perspectives and a different way of living. You learn from other cultures along with their mindsets and beliefs. If you take a closer look into it, you will see that travelling is an education based on new experiences. Learning about the structure o the economic, political, and social side help to understand the culture. You can’t really imagine and picture the viewpoints by not experiencing it firsthand by talking to locals. Getting to know people from different countries helps to be more understanding and sensitive with certain topics. Leaving your hometown for a longer vacation or moving away can be challenging by reason of homesickness, but also let you grow. It may not be difficult at first, but when you get more comfortable in the new environment, you will see that leaving the comfort zone is the best thing that could happen. You will learn more about yourself and become more independent. It is all about the journey. 

Entertainment city 

Kuwait is known for being entertaining and fun. There are many activities that you can do combined with different things which makes it successful. Before there has been just a carnival, now you can admire big malls, a sport stadium, hotels, aquariums, museums, and parks. The capital is also known as entertainment city that has expanded different theme parks to a new level. New touristic facilities are being planned with an investment of 830 million dollars. They want to modernize and provide only the best experience for visitors. It is an underrated city, and many people don’t even know that it exists. That’s another reason why Kuwait considers to be seen as a modern city with endless possibilities. What many people also don’t know is, that there aren’t any casinos because it is not allowed for many reasons. Instead, there are other alternatives like online casinos in Kuwait that offers a wide collection of games so that you can experience it too. You will find the best and safest platforms to play and get many benefits and promotions. However, these are just alternatives if you want to have that experience. Other than that, you will find plenty of things to do while you are in Kuwait. The list is endless. 

Best hotels in Kuwait 

Four Seasons Hotel 

The Four Seasons in Kuwait look trendy, elegant, and modern. It includes five restaurants and lounges. Here you have the complete experience to sleep, dine and enjoy other facilities as indoor and outdoor pool, personal pantry with different coffee and tea sorts, refrigerator, and Wi-Fi. The bathrooms contain a rain shower, oval tub and a TV which is integrated with the lightning. The restaurant Dai Forni offers Italian cuisine and stunning views. The Elements Restaurant got breakfast and lunch dishes along with international cuisine and cooking stations with Indian, Asian, and Arabic specialities. Medical and beauty treatments you will find in the wellness area. The Four Seasons is a five-star hotel and has a highly recommended rating.

Regency Hotel

The Regency Hotel is known for its stylish interior design and great views. In comparison with the Four Seasons, it is located at the coast of Kuwait that offers fancy rooms with Italian accents. The rooms include Egyptian bed linen, rain showers, flat-screen, and of course free Wi-Fi. Some of them have a terrace with a stunning view or a balcony. The restaurant Silk Road at the Regency is a dining restaurant that offers a normal menu, buffets, barbecues, and brunch. Another one is Balsamico, which is focused on Italian cuisine in a warm and elegant setting. Have a look into the Gourmet shop, where you have a variety of delicious cakes and coffees. The Regency is a five-star hotel as well, with a high rating. 

Sheraton Kuwait 

The Sheraton has been a long-time leader in the hotel industry and is known for its excellent service. The interior design has Arabic accents and looks elegant. The hotel rooms include modern and chic furniture and spacious bathrooms. They have three main restaurants where you can enjoy Lebanese food, Indian specialities, and Iranian cuisine. Afternoon tea is served in a Tea lounge and fine dining you will find at Riccardo’s

Kuwait is known for the magnificent cityscape and sandy desert. Other than that, it is modern with plenty of tourist activities like shopping malls, theme parks and museums. Also, the hotel industry has a great reputation. You should consider visiting Kuwait one day. It’s a city that never sleeps.



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