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3 Business Lessons We Can All Learn From Rick Ross

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Few emcees have been as consistent as Rick Ross has in recent years. The Miami “boss” has faced many obstacles in his illustrious career while establishing his unique descriptive lyricism as a staple within hip-hop culture. Rick Ross has ultimately garnered millions from the industry, and many have praised his business moves outside of music.

It might be easy to forget that there was a time where Rick Ross wasn’t considered a household name at all. Hip-hop giants such as Jay-Z have recognized his potential for over a decade. Jay-Z even offered him a verse for the remix of his very first hit, “Everyday Is Hustlin”, in 2006.

Rick Ross is talented, but what are some smart moves that he made that allowed him this kind of longevity? There is certainly more than one answer. However, here are some of the reasons that Ross has been able to churn out summer anthems while expanding his empire.


By 2009, many were appreciating how unique Ross was approaching instrumentals, and his signature voice was certainly resonating in the South. However, the rapper was not interested in simply being an emcee. He established Maybach Music Group within the same year. While some doubted his leadership capabilities; he quickly stepped into the executive role quite comfortably.

In 2011, Ross offered Wiz Khalifa a deal, but Khalifa turned it down (he had executive ambitions of his own). However, Meek Mill and Wale signed to Ross, and both went on to achieve success. Ross clearly could have arguably made millions as an artist, but he wanted more. He appeared on songs with his artists, encouraged them, and offered them creative control. As a result, Maybach Music Group grew to be one of the hottest rap labels in the world. The lesson here is that Ross always planned on being more than a rapper.

Power Of A Network

Ross is a rapper, but his charisma certainly just isn’t limited to music. Ross understood that the more that the public saw him, the more that his music and his artists could succeed. Ross established relationships with some of the most famous artists in the world during this time. He developed a relationship with Lil’ Wayne, who was one of the biggest rappers in the world at the time. In fact, Carter 3 is one of the few albums in the past few decades to sell one million copies within a week of its release.

Ross wasn’t associated with Lil’ Wayne only. He also began collaborating with Drake on summer anthems such as “Aston Martin Music,” and also worked with French Montana and Drake for “Stay Schemin,” which rose up the charts as well. He also established a personal friendship with DJ Khaled, which helped to raise his profile and the profile of his label at the same time. He has also maintained relationships with other well-known hip-hop businessmen such as Diddy and T.I., as well. Clearly, Ross understands that having powerful friends can help you stay successful.


Many artists understand that music is only one source of income, and Ross has understood that from the beginning. The rapper has taken creative risks to increase his fanbase, including accepting an acting role in the T.V. show Magic City. However, Ross seems to be comfortable taking more than just creative risks and has diversified his portfolio outside of the music industry for some time now.

Rick Ross has been a proud Wingstop franchise owner for a while now, even tweeting about the chicken wing chain and referencing the company in his lyrics for years. He has also become a proud Checkers owner, as well. Ross points out that he is giving back to these neighborhoods by investing in them.

He also launched a scholarship program with Wingstop to encourage educational excellence, as well. Ross may be able to survive – and even thrive – based on his income from music. However, he can see opportunities past the music, and that’s what differentiates him from many of his peers.


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