Best Practices How to Promote YouTube Channel of Your Brand

One can make the argument that YouTube has birthed more success stories than any other platform. The simplicity of YouTube is what makes it such a popular platform for people to be on. Whether it’s a political commentator or a vlogger, all of it can be done on the magical world of YouTube.

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More specifically, brands and businesses alike will dive into the YouTube world to help grow their platforms. In short, YouTube is a way for a person or company to grow a following and move forward in that direction. Thus, many YouTubers become interested in growing their view counts and subscriber-base on YouTube.

In fact, many users will seek out YouTube views on SocialsUp, a social media marketing store that involves real users that are calculated to best for a YouTuber’s channel. Although social media marketplaces are great tools to help grow a channel, they’re not the only way. There are countless ways for someone to promote their YouTube channel. Whether it’s through the traditional format of advertising or operating the modern practice of search engine optimization (SEO), all of it is applicable.

Nevertheless, down below will take an in-depth look at the best practices for promoting a YouTube channel for your brand. These tips can apply to growing any YouTube channel. Still, they’ll especially work for getting the most out of the promotion of your brand. Let’s take a look!

Use Enticing Video Titles

As you can imagine, video titles go a long way in growing the traffic of a video. Titles are what’ll cause someone to click on a video. No matter what the subject of the matter is, a person is only going to click on a video if the title intrigues. Now, the title doesn’t need to be overly sophisticated, but it should be enticing.

An enticing video title means a short and straightforward title with an emphasis on capitalizing the keywords of the title. For example, if you’re making a video on pizza, you might think about titling it How to Make Pizza. Although that seems fine, it’s not. A great enticing title would be How to Make DELICIOUS Pizza. See the difference?

Have an Excellent Looking Profile

Besides having an eye-grabbing title, a YouTuber’s profile is arguably more of a significant matter as it’s what’ll prompt someone to check out other content. Even if the video they clicked on is fine, they might be turned off by the rest of a channel’s content if the profile doesn’t appear right.

A good rule of thumb is to organize videos appropriately, have a cover photo and a nice-looking profile photo that all fit the channel. For example, if a brand centers around music, they should have that known just by either the name of the channel or its design. Brand’s shouldn’t try to overthink it.

Have Great Thumbnails

As essential as it is to have an excellent title for your videos, the same can be said for thumbnails. A thumbnail is a phrase that refers to the photo of a photo that people see before they click on the video itself. Although YouTube can pick a random frame and use that as a thumbnail, it’s best to have a thumbnail designed for the video.

Generally speaking, most experts agree that thumbnails should consider a visual that entices someone to click while also having text on it. The text should be simple and can match the title of the video if it applies. Either way, get some thumbnails designed for the videos, as it’ll go a long way in growing them.

Optimize Video Descriptions

Believe it or not, video descriptions can go a long way in growing a person’s channel. Although people don’t necessarily look at a description before clicking on a video, search engines rely on the description to demonstrate them online. Seeing as search engines can drive so much traffic online, it makes sense why this matters.

Video descriptions should keep a combination of briefly describing what the video is about and implementing keywords that relate to the video. Keywords are words that people search while looking for a video. There are plenty of online resources to help search for keywords that apply to your video.

Have High-Quality Videos

As great as it is to have all of the useful aspects tied to a video, it’s even more of a pressurized point to have high-quality content. Although some content creators can get away with sub-par quality if they already have a following, this is never a good idea for YouTubers who are just starting out.

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For starters, understand the use of jump-cuts and the importance of sound and video quality. Taking a look at all three of these will go a long way in ensuring the content at hand is at the standard a person will watch it. Thus, do what you can to keep growing your channel with high-quality videos.

Make Playlists

Like many other platforms, YouTube does an excellent job at allowing users to make playlists of videos. Anyone with a YouTube account can make playlists of any video that’s on YouTube. Although subscribers of a specific channel might make playlists regarding that channel, it’s always a good idea to do it yourself.

Playlists are instrumental if you have an ongoing series that’ll greatly benefit from the use of playlists. For example, if you’re a brand that revolves around reviewing shoes, you can make different playlists for all of the various shoe brands you hope to review. Playlists can apply to any content, so think about how they can work for your videos.

Content That Matters

What people have the most challenging time figuring out while on YouTube is understanding what content matters and doesn’t matter. Although there is an audience for everything, it’s just as vital of an issue to know what someone should and shouldn’t do for their content on YouTube.

Basically, YouTubers should be aware of what’s trending and not trending in the YouTube world. Although it’s always more of a pressing matter to be unique to your own identity, it’s also critical to know what’s working video-wise. Basically, if a particular kind of content is going nowhere, don’t be afraid to try something else.

Interact with Subscribers

YouTube has a comment section for a reason. Although the comment section has a reputation of being extremely toxic for several reasons, it’s still an excellent place to communicate with people across the internet. The good tends to outweigh the bad in this particular area.

Obviously, brands need to be ready for negative comments as it’s a natural part of YouTube. Still, for people who comment positive and nice things, the YouTuber should interact with them. Interacting with people who watch your videos can go a long way in building up a relationship with your subscribers.

Utilize Other Social Media Platforms

Like you can assume, YouTube isn’t strictly meant to stay on the platform and use it alone without any other social media sites. In fact, YouTube greatly benefits from other social media platforms as all of the platforms can cross-use one another for sharing content very quickly.

After all, having a following on any social media platform is extremely useful. Sharing videos can go a long way in getting numbers toward a specific video or channel. Sharing the video can be extremely easy and range from just posting a link to it in a tweet to share a video clip on an Instagram story.

Make Social Media Pages for Channel

As great as it is to share video content on social media pages, it might be worthwhile to make actual social media pages for the channel itself. Unless the channel is solely based on you as the content, it can be extremely beneficial to make pages dedicated exclusively to the channel and what the channel offers.

Obviously, keep personal pages up for personal use on social media, but realize how separate pages for the channel can be great for people that just want information surrounding the channel. Whether it’s updates, contests, or news relating to the channel, all of it can be discussed on the channel’s social media pages.

Have Contests

Although some might argue that contests are a thing of the past, they can go a long way with building a channel. A contest’s notion is simple: a channel gives something away to a lucky person or few as long as they subscribe, share the video, and thumbs it up.

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Exponential growth is a lot more useful than most people realize, as channels can grow a large following from it. In fact, there are plenty of YouTubers that specialize in the world of giveaways, mainly being the reason why the channel is so popular. Either way, try to think of giveaways that can work with your specific niche.

Be Active Online

As great as it is to upload videos and see your numbers grow, none of it matters unless you dedicate yourself to being active online. Having an online reach will go a long way in increasing a channel, as getting the word out across every platform you can is another way for someone to possibly view your video.

Even if you send out a tweet and it gets two likes, that’s two more likes for your video that you wouldn’t have gotten before. Obviously, you don’t want to spam about your channel or video content, but keep up with promoting it. You never know how effective it can be to get traffic to your site.

Work with Others

Collaborating is one of the best ways to grow a following as it allows another user’s fanbase to check out your content and vice-versa. Think of it as a way to cross-platform your two’s audiences together. Even if the audiences aren’t the same as the target audience, it can still benefit both of you.

Generally speaking, you should try and seek out a channel that best fits your niche. If you’re a music channel, you should reach out to another music channel. It wouldn’t make much sense to do a cross-collab with a random cooking channel. Basically, be mindful of what’ll work and not work.

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Create Series

Series are a great way to build up the following of a specific topic by using videos that are somewhat related to one another. For example, if you’re a brand specializing in streetwear, you can have a monthly series discussing trends in the streetwear world.

Those videos can be titled, What’s Popping in Streetwear (Month/Year). Having a playlist dedicated to that series can allow users to go back and view videos in the series. It’s a lot of fun making series, and people tend to get excited for series, especially if they’re rare.

Blog About Your Channel

There are more bloggers than ever before, primarily due to creating a blog very quickly. People don’t need to learn the annoyance of coding for a website and can try out any of the vast numbers of website builders they have at their fingertips. As a result, YouTubers should consider having a blog tied to their channel.

That blog can achieve traffic online, which can then be sent back to YouTube. Plus, if you can figure out a way to have blogs geared toward a specific video, that’s an even better way to gain traffic in that way. Basically, stay creative with the matter and see how it can benefit you in the long run.

Have a Website

Going back to having a website, every YouTube channel should have a website to go along with the channel. You don’t have to blog if that’s not your thing, but you should know how a website can be extremely beneficial to growing your channel. Whether it’s where you’ll house your e-commerce store or more information about you, all of it is worth doing.


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