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Bill Skarsgård Stars in “The Crow” 2024: Watch the Latest Trailer!

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Get ready to enter the world of “The Crow” like never before.

The anticipated trailer for the 2024 remake of The Crow has been officially released, offering a cinematic experience that combines the essence of the original story with new and captivating twists.

Directed by Rupert Sanders [Snow White and the Huntsman] and written by Zach Baylin [King Richard] and William Schneider, this adaptation of James O’Barr’s graphic novel brings a contemporary touch to the cherished classic. Staying true to The Crow’s origins, the storyline follows Eric and Shelly as they get separated by violence. Given an opportunity for redemption, Eric’s path crosses earthly and supernatural realms as he seeks justice and strives to reunite with his lost love.

Bill Skarsgård and FKA twigs in THE CROW. Photo Credit: Larry Horricks for Lionsgate

At its core is an ensemble led by Bill Skarsgård [Pennywise in 2017 horror It] in the iconic role of Eric Draven, supported by FKA Twigs as Shelly Webster and Danny Huston as the mysterious adversary. The cast, directors, and writers are said to be committed to capturing the essence of the timeless characters while respectfully honouring Brandon Lee’s indelible legacy, which breathed life into the role in the original film.

Bill Skarsgård in THE CROW. Photo Credit: Larry Horricks for Lionsgate

Check out the trailer:

The Crow will hit theatres this summer.



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