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Caitlin Cronenberg talks Feature Directorial Debut “HUMANE”

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Exploring “HUMANE” with Caitlin Cronenberg 

Renowned for her award-winning photography, Caitlin Cronenberg has graced the pages of prominent publications such as Vanity Fair, Vogue Italia, and Esquire, to name a few. Now, Cronenberg is expanding her presence in the film industry with her highly anticipated feature directorial debut, HUMANE.

Director, Caitlin Cronenberg

Set against the backdrop of an environmental collapse, HUMANE features a stellar cast with talents Emily Hampshire, Jay Baruchel, Peter Gallagher, and Enrico Colantoni. As the story unfolds, the film navigates a world facing the necessity of reducing its population by 20%, presenting a concept that is uniquely unsettling and eerily prescient in our post-COVID world.

Jay Baruchel and Emily Hampshire

Reflecting on her attraction to the script, Cronenberg shared, “It was the uniqueness of the concept and the way it seamlessly blended darkness and humour with a smart premise, compelling dialogue, and memorable characters. It truly checked all the boxes of what I hoped for as a director.” Cronenberg credits Michael Sparaga, a close friend who also wrote and produced the film, for bringing the script to her attention.

When it came to casting, Cronenberg explained, “I envisioned the essence of each character and then visuals of what the film would look like. Michael [Sparaga] had a clear vision for the character Bob, written with Enrico Colantoni in mind. Jay Baruchel and Emily Hampshire were our top choices for the first two siblings, and their inclusion set the stage for the rest of the family. I could not have asked for a better cast and crew.”

Despite the challenges posed by a tight 20-day shooting schedule, Cronenberg expresses gratitude for the trust amongst the cast and crew. “Making a feature film in 20 days has its challenges. Time was of the essence, but there was a lot of trust within our cast and crew, and what we were able to achieve was incredibly rewarding,” she reflects.

When asked about the transition from photography to filmmaking, Cronenberg acknowledged the nuances of handling dialogue. “Dialogue is its own beast,” she explained. “While photography laid the foundation, nothing fully prepares you for directing film. You need to trust your actors and crew; filmmaking is a collaborative effort. You can’t make a film alone.”

As anticipation builds for Cronenberg’s future endeavours, she shared, “I have countless ideas swirling in my mind. I like dark, satirical horror or thriller dramas, and I look forward to what comes next.”

Cronenberg’s feature directorial debut, HUMANE, is available to watch in theatres in the USA and Canada.

Copy Editor: Nadia Pereira


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