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From Oregon to Highland Home, This Musician Takes Center Stage

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Kurt Rosenberg works to expand his brand as he creates memorable music to share with fans around the world.

Music had always been on Kurt’s mind. As a kid, he and his mother would sing the My Fair Lady soundtrack while prepping for dinner. Musicians like Shubert, Brahms and Beethoven would play in the dining room during meal time. In moments like these, Kurt felt most connected to music. It was only when he heard “Harry’s Game” by Clannad that Kurt’s love affair with Celtic Music began. The start of a lifetime career – composing Scottish and Irish music for over 25 years now. 

Composing at 12 years old, Kurt and his attachment to music grew fonder. Writing songs from a young age, he was able to craft his skill, bringing to the stage an original piece that the Ainsworth School Orchestra played at their annual concert.

Kurt’s musical genres are quite varied, having composed music ranging from Celtic, Pop, 40’s Ballroom to 50’s Jazz and Film Music. He notes how each piece conveys a different emotion, thought, or message.

Touring Brodick Castle on the Scottish Isle of Arran, Kurt was approached by a guide to perform his original music. Having the chance to play in Lady Hamilton’s drawing room and receiving audience applause solidified his love for music and composing. Years later, Kurt wrote lyrics for this piece, crafting a love letter to Scotland as well as a longing to get back home that brings one joy.

During the process of composing music and songwriting, Kurt enjoys the solitude of being at his keyboard and simply playing a new piece. This absent-minded task allows him to experience a meditative state, which can lead to a “musical moment” from snippets of a melody he was playing. Once this melody is found, he enjoys replaying it several times, expanding and experimenting with the notes to see how it matures over time. This leads to arranging the music in a format as well as designing which instruments best suit the song.

This process of getting the arrangement down takes several days, with one day focused on a melody. Kurt’s music is not complete, however, until he has his family and friends listen to a draft he deems worthy – showing his expertise and precision with each song he creates.

“If a composer wants to be successful, they need to view it as a job, not as an avocation,” Kurt shares.

So far, Kurt has found success within his career for producing the music short film Highland Home, in which a number of international film festivals selected it for screening and awards. Special screenings were held at prestigious festivals including the Cleveland International Film Festival, The Oxford Short Film Festival, and the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival.

Always working on furthering his music and lyrical work, Kurt has put in hours to see improvement. His drive was recognized when he won Best Lyrics Award at the International Music Video Awards in London.

As Kurt continues his journey to connect with others through his music, he keeps his end goal in mind: To become the world’s leading composer/songwriter who is bringing melody back to music.

Kurt encourages others to hone in their craft. To succeed, it is necessary to put in the work; so by pushing the idea of practicing, Kurt aims to show how discipline leads to results.

“If you are a composer, compose what you love. Don’t let anyone tell you that your music isn’t good enough. It is just their opinion. If you have a passion for your music, there will be listeners out there that will gravitate toward it. Find your ‘musical niche’!”

Listeners can look forward to new projects, as Kurt Rosenberg’s name is soon to make a huge mark! Stay updated by following @KRosenbergMusic on Twitter.


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