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Kpop artist who kills OST and their recent Best 5 album

Sailun Tires

Now that K-pop and K-dramas have established themselves as not just trends but as integral parts of a single culture, they are intricately intertwined.

Many artists participate in drama and movie soundtracks, showcasing their charms as singers in a different light than their music. Among them, some singers consistently release albums while continuously receiving love from fans and the public. Today, The Source has selected the best 5 K-pop artists who have received constant love calls from the OST industry while maintaining steady album activities.


Spotify Link:  23. 11. 27


TAEYEON, who has participated in numerous OSTs to the extent that she can be singled out among K-pop artists, is notably known for singing OSTs for many successful works such as  “Welcome to Samdal-ri” OST – “The Dreams,” “Our Blues” OST – “By My Side,” “Frozen 2” OST – “Into the Unknown,” “Hotel Del Luna” OST – “All about you,” “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” OST – “All With You” etc. Recently, she has continued her steady rise with the release of her album “To. X.” The 5th mini-album “To. X” portrays the imperfect human condition stemming from unreasonable relationships and inner vulnerability through multifaceted storytelling. TAEYEON’s involvement in the album’s theme, lyrics, and concept composition gives a glimpse into her sensibilities.

2. SEVENTEEN DK – God Of Music

Spotify Link:  23. 10. 23

DK, who is actively involved in group activities as well as unit activities with BSS, is truly one of the artists who consistently participates in OSTs. As the main vocalist of the group, he receives love calls for OSTs from many popular dramas. He has proven his talent and fame by singing for OSTs of hit dramas such as “Welcome to Samdal-ri” OST – “Short Hair,” “Twenty Five Twenty One” OST – “Go!,” “Hospital Playlist Season 2” OST – “Is It Still Beautiful,” “Tempted” OST – “Missed Connections” etc. Especially noteworthy is his continuous dedication to his main profession, as seen through his activities with “SEVENTEEN HEAVEN” between the broadcasts of “Twenty Five Twenty One” and “Welcome to Samdal-ri,” earning steady support and encouragement from fans while consistently growing.

3. MONSTA X KIHYUN – Beautiful Liar

Spotify Link: 23. 1. 9

MONSTA X’s main vocalist KIHYUN, who maintains the concept of a sexy beast idol through active domestic and international activities, has a distinctive and refreshing voice that shines in his OSTs. Some of Kihyun’s OSTs include “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1939” OST – “Full Moon” OST “After School Lessons for Unripe Apples”’ OST – “IS THIS LOVE,” “Partners for Justice” OST – “Can’t Breathe,” “DoDoSolSolLaLaSol” OST – “To Be With You,” “The First Responders” OST – “Fire” etc. Recently, with member SHOWNU’s discharge from the military, the mini-album “REASON,” which was released before HYUNGWON and KIHYUN’s enlistment, features the song title “Beautiful Liar,” which is a catchy and powerful punk rock-infused track. It delivers an intense immersion with its addictive beat and MONSTA X’s characteristic vocal performance.

4. Vincent Blue – Honesty (Pink Sweat$ Cover) 24. 3. 26

Vincent Blue is a singer-songwriter who debuted by singing the OST for the hit drama “She Was Pretty.” With his emotional and sweet love songs delivered in his calm voice, Vincent Blue, like a singer who debuted with a hit drama OST, has continued to sing OSTs for subsequent hit works. Some of these include: “She Was Pretty” OST – “THUMPING,” “Weightlifting Fairy Kim BokJu” OST – “From Now,” “Children Of Nobody” OST – “Smile Again,” “Crush Course Romance” OST – “LOVE CODE [1+1=1],” “Battle for Happiness” OST – “Blue,” “Marry My Husband” OST – “From Today”. Particularly noted for his rendition of the OST for the highly acclaimed 2024 K-drama trendsetter “Marry My Husband,” he continues to maintain popularity as an artist who sings OSTs for hit works. Additionally, he is planning to release an album covering the song “Honesty” by R&B artist Pink Sweat$, demonstrating his new challenges as an artist.

5. Cheeze – The Day After You

Spotify Link:  23. 9. 25

CHEEZE, who sings heartwarming love songs in romance drama OSTs, has made a name for herself by singing OSTs for numerous dramas. Some of her OSTs include “Suspicious Partner” OST – “How About You,” “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” OST – “Little by Little,” “START-UP” OST – “Even For A Moment,” “FORECASTING LOVE & WEATHER” OST – “Melting”. Apart from drama OSTs, she is also known as a singer-songwriter who consistently releases albums and performs at festivals, steadily building her domestic recognition. CHEEZE’s “The Day After You,” released last fall, is a song that expresses the confusing emotions of sadness, lingering feelings, and emptiness after breaking up with a lover. As a singer-songwriter, she participated in composing and writing the lyrics, pouring the complex pain of separation into the song.


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