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Marko Stout: A Pop Artist with a Unique Vision

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Marko Stout is a visual artist based in New York City. Stout’s works are very evocative and loaded with multiple meanings, allegories, and cultural references. His iconoclastic style and unhinged creative approach have often been likened to the work of influential performers. He has been compared to the likes of Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, Jeff Koons and Roy Lichtenstein, only to mention but a few.

Marko Stout is not like those artists who keep a low profile: he is a true rebel and a pioneer in the NYC art world. He has a distinctive “Rock” edge, which speaks volumes about his one-of-a-kind creative approach. You’ll often recognize his trademark looks. Marko Stout wears black clothing, unique hats, and vintage-style sunglasses, giving him a unique vibe. Some say that the artist’s personal image is a work of art itself! Much like Warhol and other pop artists, Marko Stout himself has an iconic look. His style is immediately recognizable and very distinctive. He is a true player, and you’ll often see him hanging out with the big time crowd at art galleries, clubs, and some of the finest events in the local community.

Yet, Marko Stout’s work is not about the image. As the artist himself explained, he does not want is art to be “the image”: he wants it to be “the meaning!”

Although his iconic visual style is rooted in pop art, Stout isn’t only tracing the steps of the influential artists who came before his time. On the contrary, he takes the genre one step further, allowing his works to be extremely easy to relate to. This could be Stout’s winning card. Some industry experts argue that this is the reason why his art is so well-received and treasured. As we’ll discuss later in this article, even celebrities, and art lovers are raving about his work.

After a wide range of successful exhibitions and solo shows, Marko Stout became one of the most influential artists in the city. With every passing year, it seems that he is able to top an amazing period with an even better one!

His work is sought-after by galleries, dealers, and celebrities, who are actually in love with his style. If all of this wasn’t enough, Stout also had the time to launch his fantastic line of casual, yet cool urban section, which is named “Urban Tribe.”

One of the most distinctive creative quirks of Stout’s work is definitely his peculiar approach to reinventing urban art. In particular, he has been rocking NYC with his stunning urban metal pieces. His cool designs suit the mood and feel of one of the most exciting and fast-paced cities in the world. Through his artwork, Marko Stout is able to “speak New York” and connect with the audience on a much deeper level.

In fact, Marko Stout’s work has received a lot of attention. In particular, after The Kardashians publicly expressed their support for his artistry and their love for his works.

The number of A-Listers and celebrities who are excited about Stout’s art is absolutely impressive. From the notorious Stormy Daniels, down to Madison Hildebrand (from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles) and even Snooki (The Jersey Shore).

These are only some of the many international superstars and iconic entertainment personalities who have praised Stout’s work.

The artist’s official website,, actually has pages, and pages featuring comprehensive lists of celebrities who love his work.
There are photos, videos, articles, and loads of information. If you want to learn more about the endless list of celebrities who endorse Stout’s art and love his work, all you need to do is visit your website and check it out. Better yet, why not join the world’s most influential tastemakers and become a fan of Marko Stout as well? One look at his groundbreaking style and you will be impressed from the get-go.

His unique style is definitely earning more and more celebrity fans, but the good news is – his art isn’t only for the rich and famous.

Marko Stout also sells his artworks through his gift shop. He actually offers a wide range of interior design services, for people who seek to decorate their homes just like the stars who love (and own) his pieces.
Many of the most famous celebrities of our time actually have Stout artworks in their home. Today, you can seamlessly join them and pimp up your crib with some of the artist’s most sought-after works as well. Stout’s work is also featured in various clubs, workspace, and many other environments.


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