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Are Men Better Gamblers Than Women? The Truth May Surprise You

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Content Warning: May contain gender stereotypes.

Men vs. Women is a concept that has been around since the dawn of recorded time, but are men really better gamblers than women? It’s time to answer that question: when it comes to gambling in top casinos online, does gender really make a difference in the way we play? We’ve looked at the statistics and here is what we found out.

It is no surprise that online gambling has increased in popularity in the past five years and today there are over one thousand different top online casinos making it easier for both men and women to gamble from the comforts of their own home.

It is also no surprise that men dominate in the number of online gamblers. While eighty-two percent of men gamble online, only eighteen percent of women do the same. Also in retrospect, men lose and average of £3,709.44 per year just by gambling which equates to drinking three pints of larger per day. On the other hand, women lose an average of €2,659.22 a year by gambling which averages out to if they bought ten pairs of the highly sought after Jimmy Choo shoes in one year.

Men spend nearly fourteen months on average in their lifetime on gambling, which equates to if they watched 6,817 football matches; however women spend just over twenty-one months gambling on average in their life time, equating to 15,120 hours of sex, shocking.

On average male gamblers are around the age of thirty-three, a time in their lives where a person’s salary starts to stretch more; while their female counterparts are around the age of twenty-nine, a time when the average woman of this age is first giving birth in the UK. Women also prefer to leave their fates in the hands of the roulette wheel, while with men, roulette scores number one with blackjack coming in at second best.

While men would think that £6.70 would be too much for a haircut, they often have an average gambling deposit amount of £94.00 which equates to twenty-five Xbox games a year. Women on the other hand would think nothing of spending £94.00 on a haircut but are more frugal with their money, spending only £67 on a gambling deposit. For the same money they spend on gambling, women could treat themselves to a 90 minute luxury facial treatment at a top spa instead.

From these statistics we can make several conclusions. While more men gamble online than women, they are also willing to spend more money on a gambling deposit. Men also are less apt to leave it to chance, while women prefer this method and are more frugal with how much they spend gambling online. Women also lose an average of £1,050.22 less per year gambling over men. With these statistics alone, one could determine that women are better gamblers than men when it comes to online gambling, but I’ll let you make your own determination of these statistics.


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