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SoClose; Providing An Advanced And Innovative Digital Solutions

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There are many companies who make apps, softwares, logos and websites etc. Some companies make the best websites but are not skillful in cybersecurity when it comes to security and protection of that website. Some make the best designs but have no experience of lead generation to grow leads and sales. There should be a place or platform that should have all the digital services one must need to grow his website or business. It should have the services that would make it possible to grow from scratch and build something valuable.

SoClose Is an advanced and innovative platform which has all the quality services one must need like development of website, consulting, designs and logos, lead generation, security and protection of the website, graphic art, social media growth and business branding. It is a one stop solution that one can access to grow his e-commerce website or online businesses. This innovative digital factory company was launched by Enzo Day. The philosophy of SoClose is based on peer learning to develop strong relationship with community members.

Enzo Day is the founder of SoClose, and is a professional golf player and plays national level golf in France. At the age of 6, he started learning to code and at the age of 14, he developed his first website called as “Fiches Up”. This app was dedicated to prepare for the French college exams. At the age of 18, he decided to fully dedicate his time to learn coding all by himself which gave him opportunities to meet the coding experts and learn from them. At the age of 20 he was making websites for his customers, and at the age of 22 he launched ‘SoClose’.

At SoClose, they have a team of experts for designing and experienced developers to assist every way possible. They provide the best consulting to define one’s value proposition and understand how to engage people to deliver results. With their graphic art one can have a quality design for successful business. To improve the security of the website they transform the business and manage risk with a global industry leader in cybersecurity consulting. It is a great place to collaborate to exchange and develop exciting projects like ‘Sticko’. Sticko is an app, an advanced and innovative mobile application that allows you to create your own digital business card and share your content without any limitations with anyone, anywhere.

Enzo Day is a self-taught and hard-working entrepreneur who achieved so much in very short time. He achieved all of this with constant struggle and believing in himself. He believes life is hard, but we must not quit to achieve our dreams, and to be in touch with amazing people, learning new skills. He also believes building a team is also crucial to succeed in business one must choose members that are trust worthy and hardworking. Looking at the promising career of the Enzo Day, it seems SoClose will get worldwide position is few years.


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