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Spotify promotion companies are the only ones who can save the music industry!

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The world of music is a strange place. Today, the new music streaming services appear, and tomorrow – hundreds of promotion companies appear also. Yes, we can say that music promotion is not a part of the music industry, but this is the place where our thoughts and beliefs go separate ways.

I believe that music promotion is a very valuable and important part of the music industry. Let’s not forget the fact that music promotion has been with us since the beginning of time. Since the beginning of music, in caves, with only bones and rocks, the music promotion was there. Tribe members always advertised their music among the tribes or other tribes, nothing has changed today. Even in the medieval age, music promotion was present. All those music halls, concert halls, theaters, street musicians, they all had some promotion and advertisement. But advertisement and promotion aren’t the same thing, you might say, and I will agree, but they are very close. So, if we are settled, do you want to find out new information about Spotify promotion companies?

There are many companies that offer Spotify promotion. You are here because you were googling about Spotify promotion. I’m not a seller, but I am a concerned music lover. I love music, even more than my life. And it simply annoys me, to see how many young musicians stop their careers only because the society pushes them against the promotion, and the industry leaders are pushing the bad influence of the promotion. I don’t agree with the idea that music promotion is bad. On Spotify, it is simply the only way to survive. Spotify is a beast, giant, ginormous beast.

And the algorithms on Spotify are relentless, reckless, and those algorithms have no taste, no personality, nothing. They are just mathematical equations, stuck together to recommend your music. AlI they do, is looking at mathematical parameters, like your numbers that you can see in your statistics tab. And going against the power of algorithms can’t be wrong. Those algorithms have proved to select music, but they haven’t proved to showcase a lot of young people just because they thought that their numbers aren’t good enough. We should change that. We should promote the idea that every young musician should promote their music. No one’s life will get worse if you hear a song by a musician that is not very popular. Maybe your life will even get better.

Every musician should have a chance to show himself, to prove his worth. And denying them the ability to promote their music is the same as denying them the ability to speak. How many good tracks do we need to lose, how many good musicians should work at Walmart, for us to notice that the music industry is a cruel place, and that we are unable to accept something new? I say stop!


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