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How Online Games Boost Business Brains

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The world of business is as cut and thrust as it has ever been, with everything from supply chain chaos to sky-high energy prices making it tough for entrepreneurs to break through and make their business dreams happen.

Because of all these additional challenges, budding business folks are always on the lookout for online aides that can help hone their business skills. These often come in the form of informative courses found on platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare.

However, aside from these more traditional learning platforms, there are other more unconventional ways of honing one’s business skills that are gaining traction online. One of these is the playing of online games, many of which do not immediately appear as though they would be beneficial for businesspeople to play; however, on closer inspection, they are incredibly informative for those people who wish to get ahead in the business world.

Here we detail just some of the varieties of online game which have been proven to deliver value, whether someone is looking to sharpen their negotiating skills or just appear more confident in the boardroom.

Reaching the top of the business tree is all about being able to think outside the box and adopt tactics that your rivals would never dream of enacting, and online games can help with that

Classic Games – Concentration and Tactical Thinking

Classic games are a broad range of online games which cover everything from ancient classics like chess and poker, right through to more contemporary arcade classics like Pac-Man and Lemmings. The beauty of many of these games is that, in order to make up for their lack of cinematic graphics and aesthetics, they have always prided themselves on requiring dedication and no shortage of skill for a player to get close to mastering them. But what skills can they confer on a gamer, who also doubles as a businessperson? Well, the first is strategic, long-term thinking, with the likes of chess and poker players always on the lookout for ways to ensnare their opponents in carefully laid traps. Then there is concentration. Businesspeople know this skill is a must if tasks or projects are going to be completed to perfection. Sound concentration for better performance and results is something that almost all online games can infuse in a player. Last but not least, the one thing that all players of classic games need in spades is patience, because no one can become great at such complex titles without putting the time and practice in, and that most certainly rings true in the business world as well.

The online gaming industry now dwarfs many other more traditional industries, meaning there are obviously things that businesspeople can learn from it and be inspired by

Co-op Games – Teamwork

There was a time when the only way that a video game could be a multiplayer affair was if you had someone nearby who could pick up your PC or console’s spare controller. Those days are now well and truly gone, with online gaming bringing players together like never before.

This means that teamwork has never been more important, as many top battle royales and other co-op games require incredible levels of teamwork in order for players to reach the gaming pinnacle. Being able to gel instantly with a complete stranger, who often hails from the other side of planet, is a skill that any budding entrepreneur could do with more of, because being able to collaborate with people in the blink of an eye is one of the keys to business success.

Puzzlers – Problem Solving

One genre of game that has always been the darling of the business world is the puzzler. Back in the day, businesspeople all over the world would begin their day by knuckling down to a tough crossword, and since then new puzzlers like Sudoku and Wordle have burst on the scene.

Of course, the most popular puzzlers are now played online and specifically on mobile. Some of the best out there for honing a businessperson’s problem-solving skills are Brain It On! and Bridge Constructor Portal.



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