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Top 15 Hidden Minecraft Secrets that You didn’t KNOW!

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Minecraft has been one of the most popular games of ALL time and it’s one of those games that you can play over and over again without getting bored. The game has grown so BIG over the years that even the most veteran players would have a REALLY hard time trying to know every single detail about the game.

So it’d only be fair if we gather up all the hidden or at least not-so-known facts and interesting things from getting minecraft hypixel coins to cooking animals alive, this list has everything that everyone should know! And I am going to do exactly that, in this list for the top 15 hidden Minecraft secrets!

Campfire Can Cook Food as well 

Many people are unaware that they can cook over a campfire. In fact, you can cook up to four different dishes at once! You can cook meats, potatoes, and pretty much anything else in a furnace. Simply set the meal in the campfire’s corner and wait for it to cook. The food will spring out of the campfire when it is done and will be properly prepared. You’ll avoid needing to construct a furnace and search for charcoal or wood this way. If you have a lot of food to cook in survival, just create a lot of campfires and you’ll always have enough food to keep going.


Detonate Creepers with FLINT

Not many people are aware that flint and steel may also be used to detonate Creepers. Just be careful and get near enough to it before striking it with your flint and steel to observe how it bursts! This is a technique to keep the Creepers in control because their explosion pattern may be rather unexpected. Just be cautious since you may use it against yourself or your pals!

Snowman Pumpkin

You may make a Snow golem by combining two snow blocks and a pumpkin head. This mob takes on a life of its own after it’s been made, and it’s an unique cross between Halloween and Christmas: a pumpkin and a snowman! However, few people are aware that you may alter this mob! You may cut the pumpkin from the mob’s head with shears, and the snowman will now appear like a conventional snowman.

Make your TRIDENT Magical

The trident is one of the greatest weapons for fighting underwater in Minecraft, but it can also perform a lot of other incredibly amazing things. You may add a number of special powers to all of the weapons in the game by using an enchantment table. There is a trident named Riptide that is extremely unique in the trident world. This enchantment gives you momentum underwater and may make you spin extremely quickly. If you toss it at the right angles, you can even use it as a mode of transportation, especially in the rain, where it functions as if it were underwater. It can also be used with Elytra wings to help you soar higher!

Avoid Piglins Attacking you 

If you attack a Piglin in the Nether, everyone else starts attacking you, but few people realise that if you have a highly overpowered weapon with a lot of attack damage, you can accomplish something rather fascinating. For example, I can kill a Pigling in a single hit with this Diamond sword with 13+ attack damage, and the other Piglins will not attack me! It’s as if they were completely oblivious to the fact that their spouse had just perished right in front of their eyes! Of course, make sure it dies on your first attack, otherwise the game will be over.

Cook Animals ALIVE 

When it comes to preparing meat, the true Superplayers prefer to burn the live animal while keeping the prepared flesh. If you have flint and steel, you may burn the floor where the animal is, which will engulf it in flames and leave its meat thoroughly cooked without the use of campfires or furnaces.

Name a Mob in MC

If you develop a strong attachment to a certain monster in Minecraft, you can utilise a name tag. These are mostly intended to keep mobs from dissipating naturally, but they may also be used to name mobs. For example, if you name a sheep Jeb with an underscore at the end, you will notice that it begins to change colours! Of course, because this sort of sheep does not occur in the game naturally, it’s also a fun method to tease your pals.

Creepers DON’T Mess with Cats

Creepers are one of Minecraft’s most deadly foes. Creepers may harm other mobs, ruin structures, and even kill you, but few people realise that cats are their biggest adversary! Yes, both cats and ocelots are the most terrifying creatures for a Creeper! So, if you want to safeguard your home, all you have to do is load it with cats, and you’ll be safe from them.

Zombie Piglins in Minecraft 

The Piglins are also among the mobs that may naturally change. If you can bring a Piglin out of the Nether and keep it there for a long enough, you’ll watch how it transforms into a Zombified Piglin! There are a lot of different monsters that can morph, so keep trying new things to see what you can find.

Wolves naturally attack Skeletons 

They not only attack them when they see them, but they can detect their scent and hunt them even if they don’t see them! As a result, if you have a problem with skeletons in your life, nothing beats swarming your home with wolves.

Lightning transforms Mob

When lightning strikes a pig, it transforms into a Piglin. This does not only apply to pigs; villagers who are struck by lightning are also converted into a new mob! In this instance, they will turn into a Witch right away. There are many more monsters that change when struck by lightning, so be cautious when in your survival environment as a thunderstorm approaches.

Turn Mobs Upside Down

You may also use name tags to give mob names like “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm.” You may get the same outcome with any of these two names. Once you’ve generated the name tag, you may use it on any mob to watch how it turns upside down! This is also fantastic trolling for when your buddies visit your planet and see that all of the mobs are turned upside down!

Mobs can get transformed under water

Desert zombies known as Husks are abundant in desert biomes and do not burn when exposed to sunlight. You may witness how the water turns a mummified zombie back into a regular zombie if you pay great attention and watch one of them fall into water for a long time! One of the best things about Minecraft is how it spontaneously changes mobs.

Use vines to climb up and down in the Nether 

The underworld is a hazardous place to be. It’s not only full of lava and monsters looking to kill you, but it also contains a lot of cliffs from which you may easily fall. However, if you mix weeping vines and bone dust, you may build a mini-elevator to get to the lower floors. These red weeping vines are great for climbing down, but there are also green ones called twisted vines that are great for climbing up.

Get Mushroom Stew for FREE 

Mooshroom cows are a unique kind of cow that can only be found in the mooshrooms field biome. However, only a few individuals are aware that if you place a bowl in each of these cows, you will receive free Mooshroom stews! This is a really simple technique to obtain food without wasting a lot of resources, which is particularly important in Minecraft survival environments.



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