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Using Free Play to Bounce Back from A Bingo Addiction

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It’s believed that around 3% of Canadians have had problems with gambling in the past. The growth of online gaming and notably bingo has seen it become a key problem for many gamblers who’ve moved to playing online rather than in casinos and bars. However, as the Ontario Government reports, there’s plenty of support out there: from the $2.1 billion invested in mental health services in the province alone recently to the availability of therapists across the nation, there are lots of options. Beating your bingo addiction may seem beyond you, but there are proven methods to help.

One method used by some former gamblers, though, is free online gaming, including many popular varieties of bingo. While it may seem counter-intuitive to replace gambling with free versions of the same online games that appeared to cause the problem in the first place, it can work. By playing virtual cash versions of the same games, it’s possible to experience all the fun and excitement – without the risks.

Free Play for Risk-Free Fun

The advantage of using free play online gaming as your gambling addiction management method is that cash-free games are extremely easy to play and access. Once you know how to play bingo, it’s simple to get started playing a cash-free bingo game as all the rules are the same. It’s also possible play other games using play money which doesn’t need to be bought – and has no cash value. From craps to horse racing, there are lots of games out there which can be played with fake money.

Do it with caution

Taking this step does require self-control, though, and you may not necessarily be at the stage where this is right for you. It may be worth pairing it with another healthy coping mechanism at the same time or asking a therapist or other professional about it before going ahead. Like with all elements of the recovery process, it is important to be strict with yourself, set boundaries and step away if there is any sense of temptation.

The growth in online bingo and regular bingo addictions is easy to track with the ultra-connected nature of society and addictions are perennially tough nuts to crack. Free online gaming offers many of the same benefits without putting the person in any financial or mental danger whatsoever. By recreating the highs that bingo games created using only virtual cash, it’s clear that those who have experienced addiction can still have fun without damaging their financial or psychological health.


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