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Where there is a will, there is a way-In the life of Cody Patrick

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Greatest support to human’s happiness is passion. In pain, it’s a refuge, a solace. Isn’t it?

The power of human will and passion can never be underestimated. In fact, passion is just like water striking a brick wall; when it hits the wall, it split up and splatters in all directions to find the way out of every crack and hole, hence it keeps flowing, and ultimately gains the power to smash everything blocking its way.

Cody Patrick is one of those passionate people, who was always eager to make his own identity in the music industry from his childhood. Being unfamiliar with the musical instruments and stage, in his instincts, he always knew that he is going to break all chains to achieve what he desires. The music veteran has made every possible attempt to excel in the music industry.

Journey towards Success

Cody Patrick is a well-reputed name in the music industry. The Atlanta based music tycoon took his first steps in the musical world at the age of 15. He started his musical journey during the high school period in 2006. He started by managing the urban indie artists because he wanted to help them in finding the legit PR agencies that may help them grow as an artist, with the spirit to introduce the hidden talent excellence to the world. He aimed to provide a platform for emerging artists in the music industry.

Unfortunately, it was neither a smooth nor straight-line path; instead, it was a zigzag journey with so many twists and turns.

During the journey, Cody came across many illegal musical companies with fake intentions and promises. However, it was a colossal mishap but, his passion didn’t allow him to lose hope after wasting much funds and efforts on working with almost every available agency. He eventually made his mind to establish his advertising agency. After many trials and flaws, being his own master, he educated himself through unique methods and researches for providing desirable outcomes to the clients.

He earned his degree in Business administration at the Eckerd College in Florida that provided him direction and required knowledge to fulfill his goals and after graduating he found himself a strong individual than ever. Perhaps this knowledge urged him to take a big initiative to start his own music organization by setting aside certain risks of failure or downfall.

Organic Music Marketing

However, Patrick was formerly conducting his own advertising campaigns that were producing remarkable results as compared to the professional agencies that once he was associated with.  This success led the passionate music veteran to take the roots of “Organic Music marketing” that is an Atlanta based marketing company. This organization’s chief goal is to sow the seeds of compassion until it nurtures as a beautiful tree of success by offering diverse marketing services to different talented artists. In this regard, the offered services usually range from influencer marketing, playlist campaigns, and lyrical video promotion to social media advertisements. In short, Cody Patrick has always promised to deliver his professional services to emerging music artists

Association with A&R

He is recently federated with an A&R at Asylum Record that is labeled one of the largest talent scouting agency. In an interview, he discussed his role at A&R, which is to discover new talent in potential singing. He further accentuated that he aims to bring a deep observing eye and fresh ear at Asylum.

“I believe I am bringing a fresh ear/eye to the scene at Asylum. I’ve always been able to recognize talent early and I believe I have a true ear for hit records. When I listen to a record, I always think from the perspective of the consumer and leave my personal thoughts behind. I do not let my personal taste determine whether or not a record is good. Even if I do not personally like an artist, I can still tell if the artist has potential to succeed.”- Cody Patrick.

Accomplishments & Achievements

During the long musical career, Cody Patrick has assisted many pop and hip-hop artists named Future, Yo Gotti, T-Pain, 2 Chainz, T-Pain, to grow their music industry career. Moreover, he has directed a massive range of music videos, namely “Bad & Boujee” by Migos, “Sassy” by Rapsody, “Broccoli” by DRAM, and recently, “Jefe” by TI & Meek Mill.

However, he has asserted in his recent interview that he can’t disclose all about his success due to particular agreement still the whole world has witnessed his achievements, most important of which is being a part of the A&R team.

The secret to His Success

According to Patrick “The best part of doing what I do is that I have a career that I am passionate about. I have always known I wanted to have a career in the music industry since I was 16 years old. It took many years of trial and error, sweat, and work to ultimately reach success in this game. It was not easy and it feels great to finally be at a point where I feel like I have a long-lasting position in the music industry.”-Cody Patrick

Another crucial success factor in Cody’s journey is that he possesses a remarkable analytical evaluation mindset. By listening to music, he can even detect which artists or which music track will succeed in the future.

So, compassion is something that provides you the ground for constant learning and to move towards the path of mastery. It often gives you cause to travel, an experience to satisfaction and happiness. By fostering strong social bonds, it often provide you a purpose of living. It makes you unstoppable as Cody has obtained the unstoppable yet huge success by paying considerable cost of different trails, hard work, and failures. Luckily his analytical abilities have helped him see the hidden talent and actual artist due to which has gained an excessive triumph in the musical industry.


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