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Which Tech Is Best For Each Type of Entertainment

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As technology grows faster and faster and the amount of gadgets soars to an almost ridiculous number, it becomes hard to keep it all straight. Some hardware is better than others for certain media, and depending on what part of that experience you like best, that hardware could vastly differ.

We want to look at a few different media entertainment and showcase where we think that can shine the brightest. Whether it be gaming, movies, or music, we’re going to talk about some of the best hardware out there for each form of entertainment you might indulge in.

Sports betting

This answer can vary depending on which form of online gambling you partake in the most, but we think there is one piece of hardware that noses out the rest of the competition no matter what you’re playing. While many of you might think the smartphone is the ultimate device, we think the better option is the computer/laptop. However, it’s not just that we like the bigger screen, but the processing power it holds.

As technology evolves and virtual reality eventually makes its big move onto the market, the computer will be best suited to take advantage of all it offers. Spectator betting like soccer matches, greyhound betting, and fight betting will see vast changes to the way they operate when virtual reality takes over, and there are signs of this already with virtual racing. For example, although many offered greyhound races take place in Ireland or Great Britain, people from anywhere on the planet can experience the action from the stands as if they were in Nottingham or Harlow. They can also display the odds virtually above each dog, a nice touch to make following odds in real-time that much easier. 

The only way you’ll be able to fully enjoy that is with the power of a computer. Until phones can handle that type of power, we highly suggest you look to your PC or laptop to get the full experience.

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Music has come a long way from the walkman that people used to carry around. Over the decades, we’ve moved away from dedicated music devices, and now it can be played from your phone or smartwatch. To be fair, the music is stored on your phone, but everything can be controlled from a smartwatch and listened to with Bluetooth headphones.

Also, is the new bone conduction headphones that people have been making so much noise about on the internet lately. With the help of that technology, listeners who struggle with hearing loss are given a new lease on their music-listening life as the sound is transmitted with the vibration of the cheekbone rather than the vibration of the eardrum. This also makes the act of listening less damaging to the individual.

This pairing of technology not only makes listening to music as easy as it’s ever been but also makes it safer. That’s something most people will be sure to be thankful for as they get older.

Movies & TV Shows

Last, but certainly not least, we have a cinema. From Netflix to YouTube, there is a slew of streaming options to choose from, accessible anywhere and from any device. We’ve checked all the options, and we think the smartphone is the best way to watch movies and tv shows. With the phone, you have the option to watch movies anywhere but have a screen big enough to enjoy the experience.

Plus, unlike video games, the processing power it would take to show a movie in 3D would be far less taxing. Although you can watch VR movies now, the future promises to be a place with virtual reality in the palm of your hand. You might just have to settle for virtual reality Fast & Furious rather than God of War if you want to enjoy it on the go. 

There’s no denying that when it comes to choice, you can’t go wrong. We can view almost every type of entertainment on any device – do what works for you.


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