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Who is CrisisKhan?

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There are only a few artists whose style and versatility are so extraordinary they’re remembered for centuries. They all have the amazing quality of being jacks of all trades, they fully immerse themselves into their craft and everything attached to it. The embodiment of this is the artist we’re introducing to you now CrisisKhan.

He is an expert in the hip-hop genre. His singles so far have been critically acclaimed, and his fans just can’t get enough. He has also launched his own clothing line in collaboration with Let’s take a quick insight into who this legend is, and what he has for you. 

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York CrisisKhan is an American rapper, songwriter and Producer. He was just 13 when he started to write and produce music, which gave him never ending passion and sparked the love for music. It can only be regarded as God’s magic that he was born into a family full of music lovers and musicians. He credits the musically inclined environment he grew up around for his decision to pursue his passion.

He is self-taught in the art of composing, producing, and engineering music. He considers himself a jack of all trades. We get this assurance from his music so far which has captivated the ears of music lovers all over the world. CrisisKhan released his first EP in August of 2020 and has been quickly acquiring recognition from his peers and support from music consumers worldwide.  CrisisKhan has received overwhelming positive feedback and notable mentions following his EP Quarantine. His well-known single “Zone” has racked up over 1,000,000 streams. Known for his raw east coast style lyricism and unique flow, along with his utilization of west coast style beats CrisisKhan has amassed many fans in a short period of time. He has won several contests on coast2coast, been courted by several major labels, and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from curators. Growing up, his biggest musical influences were primarily New York artists such as 50 Cent and Nas. He always gravitated towards their lyricism and confidence to speak their truth unapologetically. CrisisKhan is currently working on another EP titled “SexMoneyWar” scheduled for release in the spring of 2022. His Passion for the art, hunger for success and consistency releasing music continues to help CrisisKhan gain international attention.

He has also started to give his attention to clothing, his unique style of clothing is already creating a buzz among the people. He has collaborated with to provide the public quality products at affordable prices. We highly recommend you listen to his great music and view his fantastic collection. Follow him on Instagram and Spotify.



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