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This winter, Wild 7 Studios and Nightshade Collective are presenting their “DEBBIE and the Devil” film, a horror and comedy mashup that is expected to make quite the impression on the scary movie film industry. Audiences should be advised that there’s a new killer on the block. No, not Micheal, Jason, or Chucky – her name is DEBBIE!

The name DEBBIE is short for “Demoness Enforcing Beelzebub’s Blasphemy Insensitivity and Evil,” and you will find this conniving villainess and the center of the “DEBBIE and the Devil” movie plot. The flick is directed by Nav Red and produced by April Mendoza and Chris Trull. This dynamic trio has made it almost impossible for viewers not to cry, laugh, and scream throughout their comedic- horror story film. 

Starring Malina Galabova, who is in Abigail, Sex Sent Me to the ER and Unusual Suspects, as well as Franziska Schissler, who is seen in Wrong Place Wrong Time, Echo and Blue Hollywood, and Naz Reed. “DEBBIE and the Devil” and its phenomenal cast will leave viewers spooked! 

To give some context to this wild film, the story begins when a group of high school boys escape a shooting at their school and seek asylum at a local cinema. It is at this movie theater where they encounter Mr.Red, aka the devil, who introduces the boys to a trilogy of spooky films named “DEBBIE and the Devil.” This is where the maleficent succubus starts her reign of terror!

The first film of the trilogy, “Gore Garage 6,” tells the tale of four high school buddies who are about to graduate, still encapsulated by their virginity. The four panicked virgins decide to pile all their money together and hire a prostitute who will take their virginity and insecurities away. Little do they know it’s not just any sex worker; it’s their worst nightmare, Debbie! The four boys and viewers alike are in for a hysterical journey from this Superbad and Jennifer’s-Body-styled story. 

Moving on, the second entry of this thrilling comedy trilogy, “Tears of a Bloody Rose,” depicts a “young hipster artist girl, who wants to find love, but finds DEBBIE,” said Naz Red. The young, hip filmmaker is longingly working on her craft while the city is experiencing a slew of murders. One night, she meets an ironic and bloody fate when she invites a female friend over for a night of fun. DEBBIE succeeds in her devilish antics once again! 

The final gruesome story is centered around an uncovered film called “DEBBIE Flesh and Bone,” and is a “found footage film, that takes place all on this character phone,” said Red. Patricia, a young girl with many issues, wanders into the city alone. She comes across the organization known as Hell, Inc, and a buried film that will take her on a chaotic journey throughout the city. Patricia’s strange adventure is sure to entertain as audiences watch her navigate the new people meets and situations she finds herself in.

These three freaky stories are certainly bound to make audiences cry with laughter and fear all at once! The film is truly an escape from the redundant flicks that are out today and will be a refreshing mixup for audiences to experience.

Though this is Wild 7 Studios’ first feature film release, they have more exciting projects in the works which include, audio retellings of classic horror short stories (Storyscapes), new episodes of their web anthology series (Mr. Red’s Gruesome Stories), and more spooky, enticing tales of horror (Wild Shorties). In addition, this LA-based studio also creates television shows and podcasts for fans to listen to and engage with.

“DEBBIE and the Devil” will make its debut on December 10th at a pop-up screening in Santa Monica. The event will have food trucks, merchandise, NFT’s, and more to get excited about. A week after the film hits the silver screen, it will be available on Vimeo on Demand and will be available for rent and purchase at your convenience.

“DEBBIE and the Devil is the most fantastic horror-comedy ever made,” according to the devil himself. You won’t want to miss this uniquely spooktastic masterpiece! 

For more information on Wild Studio 7 and DEBBIE the Devil, visit



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