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With a lifetime of mountains to climb, Sofia Milos has made her own success.

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Since she was born, Sofia Milos has had a very unique upbringing. She grew up with her brother, and parents, who are of Italian and Greek descent, in Switzerland! Language has always been a large part of her life as her parents married before they even fully understood each other, and being from a neutral country, she learned seven different languages which include Swiss, Greek, German, Italian, French, then later English and Spanish.

Photo by Alexo Wandael

Starting her modeling career at just fifteen years old in Milan, she started to study business and economics. This however ultimately led to her modeling internationally for ten years, that led to her first contracted gig in New York at the age of nineteen, then settling in Los Angeles. She is thankful for the ride it took her on as she was an “independent, courageous, and tenacious 19 year old, traveling and working between New York City, Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, Zurich, Munich, New Zealand and Austria.. It was a very adventurous ten years of modeling, earning my own full financial independence, which later would have supported me through the years of theater training in LA.”

Between her mother calling her “la Madonna delle lacrime” or “the Madonna of the tears” because she feels deeply, and “my tears flow as freely as my laughter,” and her own description as “a princess , a queen, a warrior and survivor of challenging life experiences,” she understands that “Life experiences, spirituality, and faith has been my greatest teacher.”

Despite the challenges that her life has thrown her through, as well as the challenges of being a woman in the industry, she is always guided by “faith and love as my greatest wealth, and will always and forever be an artist at the core.” Her mission is to continue to inspire those the way that women like Oprah, Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou, Meryl Streep, Katherine Hepburn, and Sophia Loren inspire her, just to name a few. Between their humanitarian efforts, sheer talent, challenging stereotypes and breaking international barriers, she takes pieces from each of these incredible women and uses them to make herself a better person, and better inspiration to others. 

With her latest work being on Robert Zemeckis’ tv series “Project Blue Book,” as inspired by the actual Project Blue Book which was the codename for the classified U.S. Air Force effort to investigate UFO sightings in the U.S. from 1952-1969, her role as Daria continued. As the charming but ruthless and dangerous Russian spy, her character gets to wear Sofia’s favorite “vintage 60’s outfits and work with an awesome cast and crew.” Despite the shows cancellation, her project opportunities continue to grow, including an indie film noir called “Fake News” which she stars in with Eric Roberts, Marty Kove, John Savage, Jessie Kove, to premier sometime soon either in theaters or through Netflix! 

Photo by Alexo Wandael

However, the entertainment industry has been put on hold for everyone, and she continues to spend her quarantine days at home. She says it’s “been a unique life learning experience that allows oneself to reflect upon many things.” She’s been able to read, organize her closets and pantries, do online master classes and continually improve on herself and her health! Though she hasn’t been able to visit her family in Italy and Greece as she has every year, her hopes are high and the love remains! 

Her love extends to her fans! She says she is “really grateful for all the support I get on a daily basis from fans and friends around the work who appreciate my work and make this journey even more worthwhile.” Her inspiration radiates and when asked what kind of advice she would give anyone younger than her striving for success, she starts with “define and believe your dreams. Learn your craft inside and out, practice whenever you can and are given an opportunity.” And she passes along the most valuable advice that she has ever received: “Never lower your standard of integrity to keep people around you: make them rise to your level by being who you are… because your integrity, faith, and love are your greatest assets.”

Since her youth, she has truly become an inspiration to so many. She is proof that life’s experiences continue to shape our mindsets and that there are so many adventures yet to come. With the various expectations of what life is meant to be, she continues to find new ways of exploring self discovery, and encourages many who are stuck at home now to do the same. Growth will only come from within, and Sofia is the authentic example. 



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