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The Meaning Behind RESURGENCE – A Successful Streetwear Brand Launched By a 22-Year-Old Entrepreneur

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What happens when you’re an 18-year-old who was rejected from a Graphics Design program and still have a drive to create designs for apparel? If you’re anything like Jaffry Jan, you start your own clothing company and put your designs on the products.

Today, Jaffry, or JJ as he is known, is a 22-year-old who runs a successful six-figure streetwear brand called RESURGENCE, which used to be NGHTPRWL. He created the company from scratch and without anyone’s help. Today, he is looking to even greater horizons, as he sees the possibility of turning RESURGENCE into a six-figure company one day.  

The Meaning Behind NGHTPRWL

Before we get into the style and theme of RESURGENCE streetwear apparel, it’s a good idea to provide some background info on where the original name comes from. 

It started with the concept of night prowling. This is when you go out at night (or sneak out if you’re young and living under someone’s roof) and do wild and crazy things to entertain yourself. Night prowling is something JJ used to do all of the time with his friends. He’d usually snuck out of the house, even though he was 18, given the stricter Asian household he lived in. He’s now hoping his parents never ask him about the meaning of his company’s name since he’d have an awkward confession to make!

There is a youthful and slightly rebellious spirit in the NGHTPRWL and RESURGENCE names, while also conveying the idea of just having a good time with friends. That’s why it is geared toward teenagers and young adults.

The RESURGENCE streetwear fashion brand that JJ created has pessimistic and militaristic undertones. The motifs in this apparel line tend to be more melancholic, but that’s because JJ was in a bit of a dark place in his youth. After all, most teens are. Yet, he wasn’t held down enough for him to not achieve the kind of success he now enjoys. Establishing your own business as a teenager and seeing it grow to a six-figure enterprise is no small feat. 

NGHTPRWL, and later RESURGENCE, was a way for JJ to prove to everyone that he can be successful and accomplish great things. This is exactly what he did. 

The primary inspirations for this streetwear line stem from pop culture, anime, games, and military motifs, which are all things JJ was obsessed with while growing up. RESURGENCE is quickly becoming a popular brand with teens and young adults who like to have something a bit more apocalyptic, which is understandable given the times. 

We see nothing but greater success for JJ as he continues to grow his company from the ground up. It’s an incredible feat to have established a clothing company with little less than roaring ambition and an understanding of what people want. RESURGENCE speaks to the youth of today who see the world as a bit messy, unwilling to repress emotions.




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