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James Khuri’s Khuri Enterprises Is Committed to Putting People First

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When James Khuri, CEO of Khuri Enterprises, started the company over 15 years ago, he set out with applying a people-centric approach to conducting business. James found that when you forge strong and long-term relationships with clients and customers, there will be a mutually beneficial exchange relationship. Looking back over the past 15 years, it’s clear to see that this strategy has worked brilliantly for Khuri and his real estate business.

Khuri Enterprises is a real estate holdings company that is focused on buying and renting out Class A space, as well as commercial and multi-family buildings. The real estate holdings are currently located in New York and California, with most being in California. Khuri began identifying the best real estate in the niche he would focus on, and added them to his holdings. Since only the highest quality buildings and office space were looked at, the occupancy rates have stayed quite high.

The success that James Khuri has had with Khuri Enterprises is nothing short of extraordinary. Much of this success comes down to how determined he is to put people first. Every working relationship is seen as what it truly is: a mutually beneficial exchange relationship between two people. James Khuri believes that each and every relationship with tenants is as important as the next. That is why these relationships are long-lasting and solid.


However, a great working relationship isn’t the only thing that this company has to offer. Khuri Enterprises also makes sure it is offering competitive lease options, matching its people-centric philosophy. The efficient facilities management that this company uses allows it to provide the best service, and do so at fair prices. It’s easy to see how Khuri Enterprises has been one of the go-to real estate holdings companies for multi-family and commercial needs.

Thanks to the unique experience this company has in the commercial and multi-family real estate industry, it is able to provide excellent space to tenants while doing so at competitive rates. Khuri Enterprises stays efficient in its business model, which means it doesn’t carry any dead weight when it comes to real estate. Only high-quality buildings are looked at whenever there is a new opportunity to add to its real estate holdings.

Today, Khuri Enterprises boasts having multi-family apartment buildings in Los Angeles and West Hollywood, while also having commercial office space in Rochester, New York. Every building, both commercial and residential, that is added to the company’s holdings is remodeled and updated. This guarantees that the spaces being rented out to tenants are at their most optimal and best. It is a strategy that has encouraged a lot of interest in Khuri Enterprises’ properties, leading to them nearly always being filled at their maximum occupancy.

James Khuri has been leading Khuri Enterprises in the right direction for a long time now, and will likely do so for a long time to come. It turns out that putting people first is truly good business.


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