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#KingsofSwagger: How Jeff Logan muscled his way into success in nutrition, fitness, fashion and more

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By the looks of things, Jeff Logan is running out of places to sit down.

In one of his recent Instagram stories, the floor of Logan鈥檚 office is filled with what appears to be at least 50 ball caps from No Beast Mode, his fashion and accessories line. A similar set of caps in white fills a table near his desk. As his smartphone camera pans across the room, there鈥檚 a glimpse of a shelf filled with canisters from Become Nutrition, his line of health supplements. Finally, he points the camera at himself, which might as well serve as a walking, breathing ad for Logan Performance, his fitness and life coaching service.


鈥淥ne man, three brands,鈥 the text on the Instagram story says, but that鈥檚 not quite true. There鈥檚 also Jeff Logan the model — someone who has sported clothes from Boohoo Man, among others. Even for a guy as jacked as Logan, this is a heavy workload to carry.

鈥淚n one day [I’m] modeling for my brand, or for another brand, or having conversations about inventory for the supplements,鈥 Logan says, just before he apologizes and puts on his headset because, he admits, 鈥淚鈥檓 doing something else while we鈥檙e talking.鈥

The broad range of Logan鈥檚 entrepreneurial endeavors is all the more impressive given he never intended to go into business in the first place. Less than 10 years ago, Logan was depressed, near-broke and with little in the way of prospects.


Let鈥檚 rewind to 2012 — actually if you go onto Logan鈥檚 YouTube channel, you can still see a clip of him running in place as he tosses a football back and forth. 鈥淔ullback Jeff Logan鈥 was training for the NFL draft, a long-held dream that, based on his physique and success on school teams, must have seemed inevitable. It wasn鈥檛. While he may have gotten closer than most to a dream of a professional football career, Logan didn鈥檛 make the cut, an outcome for which he was ill-prepared.

鈥淚 had put all my eggs in one basket,鈥 he said. 鈥淚 had no plans for the next month — Instead, I was thinking, 鈥楳y bonus is going to be this much.鈥欌

Logan was down to $1,000 and there was a risk he would lose his Honda Accord. The only thing to do was work whatever jobs were available. Not unlike his life today, he chose to work as many of them as he could. This included a gig as a security guard, a pizza shop and at a GNC outlet, where he would spend days daydreaming of his own section of supplements in the store. His tiny moments of downtime were not spent in front of the TV, but back at the gym — a gym where he lacked an actual membership.


鈥淓ach time I walked in, I thought they might catch me. Every day like it was my last day working out,鈥 he said.

Not only did he avoid getting charged, he wound up profiting from exercise after he began posting workout tips on Twitter. One day, out of the blue, someone asked him if he could provide a workout plan. They offered to pay. He wasn鈥檛 sure what to charge, but given he was being paid $10 an hour for one of his jobs, charging $100 an hour for fitness consulting seemed to make sense. It took only a moment to create a 鈥淟ogan Performance鈥 Gmail account before Logan鈥檚 fortunes drastically began to change.

As his training business took off, Become Nutrition was born from Logan鈥檚 own frustrations about the supplements business, which he says is 鈥渙versaturated with a lot of things that don鈥檛 work.鈥 These ventures, along with the Beast Mode brand, are all cross-promoted across his various social media channels, particularly Instagram, where he has hundreds of thousands of followers. Promoting, in this case, also means posing, which he admits can sometimes be uncomfortable.


鈥淭he modeling aspect (of my career) is definitely weird. It requires a different part of me,鈥 he says, including a different outlook on exercise. 鈥淚鈥檓 still progressing in terms of increasing health, but not muscle size. The majority of brands I work with are from the UK, so the sizes are smaller and most of those shirts are mediums. I could be bulking and then get called into a campaign and the clothes are supposed to be tailored to appeal to any man.鈥

In fact, Logan suggests anyone looking to him in aspirational way should reexamine their own goals, rather than try to achieve his physique before hitting the beach this summer.

鈥淚 advise my fitness clients to focus on becoming a better version of themselves,鈥 he says. 鈥淚t鈥檚 as if you were a hummer and you want to speed like a Lamborghini. You can鈥檛 go as fast as that. You can go as fast as a Hummer can go. Instead of saying, 鈥業 want that body,鈥 they should perfect the body they have.鈥

The key, Logan adds, is determining what鈥檚 possible and then going all-out to realize it.

鈥淚f I know for a fact that I can do better, I think it鈥檚 kind of sin not to push myself,鈥 he says. 鈥淚鈥檒l have people say, 鈥楬ey, you should stick to one thing and not juggle.鈥 And hey, I鈥檓 not even good at juggling fruit in the fruit section, let alone four companies. But over time, I just realized that human potential is limitless — which means I can push for anything.鈥





Photographer: Jose Manuel Cruz | @jmanuelx
Producer: Steven Branco | @chiefswaggerofficer
Grooming/ Barber: Andre Lorini | @drethebarberr
Styled by: Ishmael Raps | @ishmaelraps
Assistant: Josiah Logan | @josiahologan


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