Joanna Borov: Playboy and Maxim model with a double master’s degree

Beauty. Energy. Intelligence. These are all characteristics that one notices when one thinks of Joanna Borov. She is a multi-dimensional and multi-talented model, scholar, and businesswoman. She has graced the pages of world-famous magazines such as Playboy and Maximum.

A true beauty, Joanna started her fashion and modeling career at the suggestion of friends and associates who noticed both her inner and outer appeal. “I started modeling as a hobby. When I was studying fashion in London, I met several designers and was offered jobs. One of them was a Russian celebrity designer Venera Tabakin who encouraged me to do more modeling and do pageants, so I did. I even won a few competitions.”

The camera loves Joanna. As do her close friends that say she is easygoing and tends to avoid conflict well. Top that off with a great sense of humor, mindfulness, and power of positive thinking and Joanna demonstrates the epitome of an ideal woman.

Photo credits: @bychrismartin


Joanna currently lives in Los Angeles, California, and thoroughly enjoys the environment. Not only is it a prime area for her career, but it also features enjoyable weather, hiking trails, and water sports she enjoys.

She also enjoys engaging the culture by visiting art exhibitions and comedy clubs.

When it comes to diet and exercise, Joanna is an early riser. She is up around 6 a.m. to engage in yoga, swimming, and light exercise. She typically has fruit and coffee for breakfast which helps her power through her often-hectic schedule of photoshoots or fashion shows, her favorite of which include creative and artistic photographers and designers. Shooting and shows generally require an entire day of activity. This means focusing on balanced nutrition and a sound daily regimen of healthy carbs and fats while avoiding bread and pasta. Vitamin-rich superfoods are what can typically be found on her plate.

Photo Credits: Yasmine Kateb


Recently, Joanna traveled to the opulent and culturally rich countries of Dubai and Abu Dabi. One memorable photoshoot with Emirati designer Mona Almansouri featured grand and beautiful gowns, some of which contained 24-carat gold. Aside from the Middle East, Joanna is a fan of scenic landscapes of the South of France, Monaco, and Paris. “I feel inspired by beautiful Monaco. It is like a picture itself.” In the coming months, you can expect to see Joanna in places like Australia and the Maldives.

The Future

Joanna plans to use her education and experience in the fashion industry to her advantage. She studied Business Law at LSE and also earned a master’s degree in Fashion Management from the University of the Arts in London. This makes her a force when it comes to business savvy related to the inner workings of the ever-changing fashion industry.

Joanna is currently focusing her efforts on her second business and passion project. Aside from owning baby clothes and toy company in Europe, Joanna has also started designing dresses for women and has an underwear collection in the works. Be on the lookout for Joanna on the red carpet and beauty pageants as she will be a judge in the Miss Poland competition in 2021. Her future in fashion and entertainment is indeed bright.


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