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Raise A Flask: Jacob Bromwell’s July 4th Blowout Sale!

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Raise a flask to the United States of America with Jacob Bromwell!

As one of the oldest companies in America, they’ve been in operation since 1819 – or since President James Monroe was wheeling and dealing with Spain to acquire Florida.

To celebrate this great nation, Jacob Bromwell is hosting its Annual 4th of July Blowout Sale. For the entire month of July, you can save up to 75% on their line of luxury flasks that are guaranteed for life.

Like a fine watch, every Jacob Bromwell flask is hand built individually, using the same refined handcrafted process and ravishing fashion that they did in 1819. A flask is so much more than a simple way to sneak a sip. A proper flask is a great companion for any adventure, whether it’s a weekend-long camping trip with the guys or a two-hour train ride that needs a little enhanced me-time. Every Jacob Bromwell flask was designed with the intent to be enjoyed to the fullest, filled with a story, and shared from generation to generation.


You’ll catch our Swagger crew around the barbeque rocking Jacob Bromwell’s Copper and Pewter flasks until the final firework has faded.

Pewter: Because Stainless Steel is too Simple

Take one look at Jacob Bromwell’s Classic Pewter Flasks and you’ll see why this brand has endured nearly as long as the stars and stripes. The timeless look of these six polished pewter flasks is undeniably attractive and serves as a perfect companion piece for any man’s style:

  • The Explorer: A top-grade, entry-level Explorer for those who need a reliable first flask.
  • The Adventurer: Discreet for the adventurous and time-tested for the serious drinker. 
  • The Frontier: A double pewter companion that’s hand-built for raising a toast.
  • The Pioneer: The hand-hammered look makes drinking to life’s simple moments all the more special.
  • The Rover: The classic style that never goes out of style.
  • The Colonial: The ultimate Jacob Bromwell pewter flask, bar none.

Copper: A New Twist on an Old Classic

Just when you thought pewter was all you needed, Jacob Bromwell hits it out of the park with their six amazing Hammered Copper Flasks:

  • The Legacy: There’s no comparing The Legacy’s size, weight, and in-hand comfort to any other flask on the market – though so many have tried (and failed).

  • The Prestige: A distressed copper flask with so much personality, The Prestige could steal your girl in only a few sips.

  • The Roosevelt: Slim, tall, and large enough to hold 10 ounces of liquid courage, The Roosevelt is one flask you’ll treasure for ages.

  • The Washington: Take the Classic Kidney model, give it a hand-hammered finish, and you have the respectable Washington flask.

  • The Freedom: Drink without limits with The Freedom’s expanded 12 ounce capacity, perfect for extra long nights around the campfire.

  • The Big Texas: Made to honor the Lone Star State, the Big Texas is one hammered copper flask that’s unapologetically Texan from its lone star design to its spirit and pride inside.

Did we mention that Jacob Bromwell carries a line of Prestige Copper Flasks so attractive that even the prettiest pewter will get green with envy? From the award-winning Vermonter to the original Model One, you won’t want to leave a Prestige Copper Flask out of your collection.

The Jacob Bromwell Story is the Tale of the Nation

It’s the oldest housewares company in the US and the oldest known manufacturer of metal products in North America. Pick up a Jacob Bromwell flask this 4th of July and drink to a red, white, and blue brand that’s seen Old Glory fly throughout history.

Visit the 4th Annual July 4 Blowout Sale!


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