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The real reasons you’re short on time and how to fix it

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Everyone has those days where we feel like we are racing against the clock. We don’t have time to get our work done. There’s not enough time for yourself. You’re out of time for going to the gym or finishing work. You need time to write assignments – your plan should be to ask for help because it will help you manage your time better.

It’s a silly thing to feel like we cannot ask for help because everyone needs guidance now and then. Do you think any of these things?

  • You can do the work on your own
  • You think only you experience your problems
  • People will think you’re unorganized if you don’t do the work independently
  • People will reject you if you ask for help

These statements are common. Some of us find it easy to manage time, but others ignore it when they need help. Ignoring the need for help with time management can cause depression or anxiety. If you identify with the statements above, keep reading. We will tell you how to identify why you’re short on time and what you can do to fix it.

Ten reasons and solutions for time pressure 

Don’t stress if you don’t feel like there’s enough time in the day. When you identify the reasons for it and start making small changes, you will feel confident about time management. Here are ten reasons you feel like time is running out and a solution to each.

Your sleeping schedule isn’t right

Sleeping is vital for a healthy lifestyle. If you wake or stay up late, you will feel that there is not enough time in the day. If this is how you feel, make a sleep schedule, and stick to it. When you go to sleep and wake up early, it can help you feel more prepared to complete your work during the day.

Get up earlier and get more time to yourself in the morning before work to complete tasks. Sleep and wake up early to increase your mood and overall mental wellness while leaving more time to yourself and others. Just don’t say yes to everything others ask of you.

You say yes to everything

When you agree to help everyone, you take away time from yourself. Before you agree to help someone, think about if it is a good task for you. Many people think it’s rude to say no, but it is crucial for mental health and time management. Being a people pleaser takes you far, but don’t let it take away the time you need for yourself.

Here are some effective ways you can say no and still maintain a friendship or business relationship.

  1. Say no quickly. Give a brief explanation of why you can’t help if you think it is necessary. 
  2. Take control and tell them you will help them when you have time. 
  3. Know if someone is manipulating you to say yes, and then shut it down. 
  4. Give people boundaries, and don’t let them cross those boundaries.
  5. Know yourself and be firm with your limits.

Unless you can learn to say no to people, you will never find time for yourself or learn time management. Another important thing to learn is task management. Unless you make a list, it’s impossible to know how you’re using time.

You don’t make a daily to-do list

We need to plan out our time before we can increase productivity. People who think there isn’t enough time don’t structure their day well. When you go to bed, make a to-do list for the following day. As you complete an item, cross it out. To-do lists tell you exactly what you got done in the day, and you know how you spent your time. It will improve your mood by putting you in a healthy mindset.

You are depressed and in an unhealthy mindset

If you have a negative attitude, it is hard to feel compelled to do your work. When you feel down, it can lead to procrastination, and you will do less with your time. Make a morning habit of the following:

  • Review your to-do list
  • Have a healthy meal
  • Set your daily goals and think about how to achieve them.

You can’t set any goal. It needs to be specific because bad goals can increase your stress. 

You don’t set specific goals

A simple solution for feeling more productive is to set specific goals. A specific goal is like this:

  1. Write 1000 words on my college essay.
  2. Get writing help today. 
  3. Finish my assignment in 2 hours, and specify the time. 
  4. Check your inbox twice a day at set times.  

These goals help you manage your time. So, make them specific, clear, and achievable.

You can’t stop checking email

If you continually check your email, it wastes time. You should set a timer on your phone and check your email when it goes off. Let emails roll in and focus your time on getting your work done. It will relax you because you’re finishing your work. Email is not the only distraction, though.

You let distractions stop you from working

Social media is a huge distraction that costs people hours a day. Stop spending many hours on it! Complete your work, then reward yourself by checking in with friends. Make sure you set a time limit for browsing the web; otherwise, you can lose more time you could spend on other important tasks, like a diet.

You have a bad diet

Our diet impacts our daily lives. Food and mood are connected closely. So, don’t get fast food. Instead, try eating a healthy salad. If you do this enough, it becomes a habit, and your overall wellness improves. That includes mental and physical wellness. Unhealthy eating causes mood swings. So, eat healthily and stay happy and you’ll feel less stressed with time, and working will be easier.

You don’t go to the gym

Many people think working out will take away their time, but it’s proven that time management and working out have a connection. After a good workout routine, you will finish tasks more quickly and likely produce better results. It will also improve your physique and help you get organized.

You are disorganized

Preparation is the key to success. When you plan things out and get organized, you gain loads of time. Instead of waking up and choosing what to eat for breakfast, choose an outfit and pack your bag for the day – do it the night before. You can even pre-cook your breakfast and warm it up the next day. It improves your time management.

Improve your time management today

We showed you how to improve your time management and why people feel they don’t have enough time. Which do you identify with, and what will you do to make a change? We hope these tips can help you stay happy, healthy and help you regain control of your life. If you follow our tips, you will see results from day one.


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