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The Sleep Breakthrough Made Possible With QuietOn

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The Sleep Breakthrough made possible with QuietON

Anyone experiencing difficulties sleeping due to noise will appreciate QuietOn. The active noise canceling of these earplugs is effective for snoring, loud neighbors, airplane noises and more. QuietOn is different than typical earbuds because they were created specifically for sleep. Even Swagger Magazine, the first publication for the luxurious lifestyle of men stands behind QuietOn. Whether you are a Swagger in New York, California or anywhere in between, QuietOn is an excellent sleep option.

Features and Benefits of QuietOn

QuietOn did not make the mistake of trying to include a hundred or more product features. The earbuds are designed to be effective and simple. The purpose is to block out noise and enhance sleep which Swagger Magazine can confirm the earbuds deliver. There is a button to switch between hearing and silent modes. Outside sounds can be heard in hearing mode with silent mode effectively canceling out noise.

Swagger Magazine appreciates the installation of medium-size silicone tips with larger and smaller pairs available to ensure the ideal fit. The dual modes are ideal while at work to enhance focus. Clicking the button once brings the sounds of the office right back. One of the key reasons why Swagger Magazine loves this product is the battery life. Each charge has a 20-hour rating, ideal for a couple of night’s sleep.


The micro-USB cable is included and powers the charging case. There are two blue LED lights on the front lighting up during charging. This is a great way to know when the earbuds have finished charging. Only a little over an hour is necessary for a full charge. Swag is impressed with the small size of the noise-canceling earbuds. According to the opinion of Swagger Magazine, even those sleeping on their sides will be comfortable.

QuietOn is extremely effective for canceling low-frequency noises including plane engine noises, traffic and snoring. Marriages can be saved by canceling the noise enabling both partners to get a good night’s sleep again. Due to the serious impact of sleep loss on health, QuietOn also improves well-being.

Charging QuietOn Earbuds

Anyone using wireless earbuds in the past understands getting them to remain even while charging is difficult. If the charging bars are uneven, the charge is going to be off. This is not an issue with QuietOn as any Swag most likely already realizes. This is because there is a connection between the charging contacts and the lid of the case as opposed to the base. All that is necessary is placing each earbud in their respective slot before closing the lid. This forces the earbuds to line up properly.

The Size

QuietOn earbuds are unbelievably small. Once inside the concha of the ear, the housings seem to disappear. A close inspection is required to see the button for the mode switch located on each earbud. This is found between the contacts for charging.

The Notable Difference

QuietOn is different from the majority of wireless earphones currently available. Users will be unable to listen to music because there is no Bluetooth. QuietOn was created with one purpose in mind, to block noise and help ensure a good night’s sleep.

Using QuietOn

Using QuietOn earbuds is extremely simple. Once removed from the case, the noise-canceling technology begins. The earbuds are then placed into the ears. This means the operation is almost completely foolproof. There are no unnecessary menus or a combination of buttons that need to be pressed. The noise-canceling capability is exceptional.

The focus of QuietOn is low-frequency noises including snoring. Anyone with a significant other who snores will be impressed by this technology. Since QuietOn can block out the noises in an airplane cabin, snoring is no problem. It is important to understand higher frequency noises can still be heard. This means if an alarm has been set for the next morning, it will not be blocked out. Not only will the user get a good night’s sleep, but they will wake up when the alarm goes off.

The Talk Mode

The talk mode prevents users from being completely cut off from whatever is happening in their surroundings. The airwaves open once the earbud is pressed enabling low-frequency noises to come through. This means the user can switch up and back between the modes depending on their individual circumstances. This is very effective when trying to focus in a busy and noisy office.

The best part is each earbud can be activated individually because they have not been linked together. If the user only needs to hear what is happening around them for a brief moment, there is no need to activate both earbuds. Even though it may take a little time to get used to the process, the results are worth it.

The Comfort Factor

Another key reason for a good QuietOn product review is the comfort level. The earbuds are unexpectedly comfortable to wear while sleeping despite the variety of available positions. Whether the user sleeps on their side, back or stomach, they can be assured of comfort in addition to a good night’s sleep. Falling asleep with the QuietOn earbuds in is simple and easy.

The Pricing

You dress with swagger, stroll into work with swag, drive with swag, so why not sleep with Swagger, too? At a price of $199 USD, Swagger readers can be sure to get their best sleep with QuietOn. These earbuds are well designed, comfortable and made using only the highest quality of materials. After using QuietOn earbuds you’ll wonder how you ever slept without them.

QuietOn earbuds are Swagger Magazine approved.

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