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Tysen Knight: The Rising Star in Contemporary Art

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Tysen Knight, a one-of-a-kind award-winning international artist, filmmaker, and muralist, creates an inspiring story for others worldwide.

It is surreal to learn about all those people and professionals who, instead of following the set rules created by other established names across industries, ensure to carve their path to growth and success, walking a path of resilience, passion, and a powerful resolute. It is imperative to learn from these individuals who believe in the power of spreading the good among others by creating an ever-lasting impact on people with their work. Tysen Knight rises as an incredible human being, a powerhouse of talent, whose artwork is a testimony of his pure passion and immense love for everything that oozes creativity and purpose.

Tysen Knight is all about passion, hard work, modernism in art, and a powerful purpose. This has helped him become an international artist, muralist, and award-winning filmmaker. Today, he is most popularly known for his pop and street art style. What has helped Tysen Knight stand so unique with his art among his contemporaries is his unconventional ways of communicating art through his artwork that thrives on street art on walls and vacant buildings.

He recalls how his eyes would shine as a child seeing cartoons and colors. This ignited a fire in him to draw cartoons and airbrush them on jeans. He continued his art by creating business logos, leading him to win his first national art competition award at the age of 15, receiving the NAACP: ACT-SO Achievement Program Award of Merit for his exceptional artistic skills.

Tysen Knight’s documentary “The Art of Hustle: Street Art Documentary” emerged as a considerable success, transforming him into a street artist from being a regular gallery contributor. The production of the same began in October 2016. As the director of the documentary, Tysen Knight aimed to serve audiences a film experience showcasing his life story, all his endeavors and dedication required to achieve goals and dreams, and also shed a positive light on street art, eventually inspiring each one of them.

The Art of Hustle: Street Art Documentary went ahead in winning big at varied prominent and world-recognized film festivals, like winning the Best Feature Film at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival in 2018. In 2019, he won the Best Director Award at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival for his second film, The Art Of Hustle: Homeless Street Artist Documentary.

Tysen Knight’s murals are a sight to behold, all about boldness and conviction to create art that stands out. He loves taking his unique blend of street art and fine art that goes beyond the canvas. While finding his journey in art, he realized that a simple canvas could never be enough for the vast ideas overflowing his mind and heart. This made him realize he could take the whole city as his canvas and paint colors of his creativity, diverse visions, and unconventional ideas.

Tysen Knight has a huge heart and has spared no effort working for organizations like Habitat for Humanity for building homes for the less fortunate. He has also remained involved in activities like preparing meals alongside Midnight Mission for people experiencing homelessness and started The Tysen Knight Scholarship Fund to help young kids pursue art at no cost.


He partnered with RCOE (Riverside County Office of Education) to start a California program and utilized his street art brand to inspire and mentor at-risk youth. Through this program, he engaged with students through an interactive program and taught them to express themselves artistically, which has helped reduce the drop-out rate of students in these programs.

Tysen Knight’s philanthropic work also has won him several accolades and honors like Award of Recognition, Impact DOCS Award, 2018 (United States), Spotlight Award, Red Dot Miami, 2019 (Art Basel), and Visionary Award, Artexpo New York, 2023 (Pier 36 NYC) to name a few.

To view Tysen’s content or learn more about him, follow his Instagram account @tysenknight and visit his website



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