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Which Wax Pen Suits you?

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When shopping for wax pens, the Utillian 5 and Yocan Evolve Plus are both excellent choices that are Swagger Approved. Yocan has been in the market for a long time due to the simplicity of their pens. For first-time users, this pen is made for you. The Utillian 5, on the other hand, is a newer and sophisticated model that is sure to attract users with its numerous benefits.


The Utillian 5 pens come with a one-button design that is simple to use. It provides beginners with a user-friendly experience each time they use it. Its wax supplies users with a strong hit whenever they are on the move. The Yocan is even easier to use due to its fixed temperature hence no need for adjustments. When loading, the Utillian pen is the easiest. The proximity of the coils to the heating chamber makes it easier to put wax on the ring. However, the Yocan Evolve has a deeper design with miniature rings, making it difficult to load the wax.

Quality of the Pens

Yocan pens are fitted with an atomizer cap system that prevents spit and allows the coils’ temperature to remain hot to enhance the session. Despite this major feature, the cap threads can become jammed up with the extract leading to reduced vapor quality. This similar problem is experienced by the threading mouthpiece of the Yocan evolve pen which tends to get stuck due to oils. The Evolve Plus’ dual quartz coil only lasts a couple of weeks, after which you have to replace it. The Utillian 5 avoids threads jamming by opting for the o ring system for their mouthpiece rather than threading. It is also fitted with black ceramic wicks that prevent splatter. Users can use Utillian 5 pens for months without the need for replacement. The atomizers found in these pens are porous, soaking the wax and wick, preventing them from falling to the bottom.

Quality of Vapor Produced

The Yocan Evolve Plus pens have standard quality vapor. It comes with a dual quartz atomizer that gets the job done but does not go above and beyond what is expected of most wax pens. This is because the coil used is readily available, and therefore even cheap brands use it. The flavor is standard, with the extracts falling to the bottom chamber before it is vaporized. The Yocan pen does not come with a temperature control feature which means that you have to frequently press the power button so that you don’t burn through the extract.

Conversely, the Utillian 5 comes with four temperature settings that give you flexibility. If you are looking for a chilled session filled with flavor, then adjust the temperature to low. In comparison, high temperatures will elevate your experiences. It comes with two coils that wrap around the black ceramic, which prevents your extract from falling to the bottom. The triple titanium coils are made to withstand an enormous load.

Temperature Regulation

The Yocan Evolve has one temperature setting, which is calibrated to accommodate the vaping temperature. While the Utillian 5 has four, i.e., 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, 2.8V with two included coils. The lower voltages improve the flavor, while the higher voltages maximize vapor production.


Both devices are compact, which means they can fit in any pocket. The Yocan Evolve has an 1100mAh battery, while the Utillian 5 pens are equipped with a 1050mAh battery which can last a few days for frequent users, while casual users can go weeks without charging. Both units are fitted with micro USB charging ports which can easily be recharged when they run out of power.

Final Thoughts

Both pens deliver and are of excellent quality. However, the Utillian 5 provides two bigger coils that are better at wicking, four temperature settings to adjust your sessions to fit your needs, and no threading. Overall Swagger would recommend spending the extra dollar to get the Utillian, as the pen is the complete package that gives users the ultimate experience. With that said, the price point of the Yocan is a great introduction to waxs pens for the gentleman who wants to try something new!

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