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4 Bad Grooming Habits Men Should Weed Out Today

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Gone are the days when guys could get away with being a slob. In fact, such a stereotype pretty much remains just that—an outdated notion of a carefree bachelor lifestyle. Today, not only are good personal hygiene and grooming important to achieve an attractive and pleasant appearance, but they are also vital components in an overall healthy and active lifestyle.

So, if you are still stuck with some bad grooming habits, you should start weeding them out immediately. Here are just some of them:

Wearing Unclean Clothing 

If your home is strewn with dirty laundry, it’s definitely time to clean up your act. Worse, if you’re the type who wears the same clothes over and over again for days, better quit it. You don’t need to be told that such a practice can lead to body odor, as well as diseases like fungal and bacterial infections. Doing the laundry may be a chore, but it is a must. To help make things easier on you, make sure to schedule a laundry day each week where you chuck your dirty clothes into the washing machine or bring them to the laundromat.

If you really can’t help it or if your busy schedule is tough to break, at least go for specialized types of clothing that can support good hygiene. These include antimicrobial socks for men, for instance, which are made of textile that has been imbued with properties that prevent the growth of bacteria. This, in turn, helps in terms of preventing foot odor and skin disease. You can also go for similar apparel such as shirts and shorts made of moisture-wicking fabric, which help draw away sweat from your body and help prevent unpleasant odors.

Not Taking a Bath Regularly 

Sometimes, it may be the chilly weather or an extremely packed daily schedule. But more often than not, you must admit that it’s plain and simple laziness that makes you decide not to take a bath or hit the shower. You might not know it, but there are many benefits to taking a bath every day that you’re missing out on. Aside from making sure that your body is squeaky clean and smelling fresh, taking a bath helps regulate your body temperature, improve blood circulation, and contribute to your overall well-being. In fact, a hot shower might help relieve ailments such as headaches or migraines, as well as a sore body after workout. If you’re having difficulty sleeping at night, taking a warm bath before hitting the sack will also help.

Most importantly, keep in mind that taking a bath not only means soaping up and scrubbing your body, but also all other related hygiene practices such as washing your face, shampooing your hair, brushing your teeth, and cleaning your ears. You should not rush through the motions but make sure that you thoroughly get rid of the accumulated dirt on your skin and body parts. Shaving or trimming your facial and body hair is also best accomplished after a shower or a bath, while your skin is soft and naturally moisturized.

Shunning Personal Care Products

Sure, slathering on lotions, creams, ointments, and essences on your body takes a lot of effort and time—not to mention a pretty penny. However, investing in your appearance is definitely worth it in the long run. Remember that you are also helping keep the largest organ of your body—your skin—healthy and in good shape. The basic grooming accoutrements that every man should have are deodorant, lotion or moisturizer, and shaving cream or gel. Moreover, if you lead an active outdoor lifestyle, sunscreen is a must to protect you from excessive UV rays from the sun that can potentially cause skin cancer.

A nice fragrance is definitely good to have as well, along with other optional skin care products that can help address issues such as discoloration or aging. You can easily shop for these and find out which ones work for you. Better yet, you can seek the advice of a dermatologist or skincare professional. Don’t be surprised if you find out that you actually enjoy trying different personal care products and regimens, because it’s actually really fun and enjoyable.

Letting It All Grow Out 

With all the grooming and personal hygiene tools and resources available these days, you have absolutely no reason not to evolve from the caveman look. You can try out a long hair look perhaps at least once in your life, but in general, keeping it short is definitely more sexy. If you do commit to growing your locks long, make sure that you take care of it well and avoid looking unkempt. Same goes if you choose to grow your facial hair—it’s best to invest in the proper hair trimming and shaving implements to still keep your overall look clean and sharp.

One thing you should definitely not grow long are your nails. They are unsightly and speak poorly of your personal hygiene, on top of being potential sources of infection if you use your fingers to touch your eyes or to scratch your skin. Always clip or trim your nails close to your fingertips as possible and file them to smooth down the edges. If you’re feeling fancy, don’t be ashamed to step into a spa or salon where you can treat yourself to a good manicure and pedicure.

These days, there are simply no excuses anymore for not looking your best, even if you’re a guy. Take an honest look at your lifestyle and have the courage to stop those bad grooming habits today.


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