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The Ultimate Guide to Having Flawless Masculine Skin

Sailun Tires

Everyone suffers from skin issues, so there is nothing to worry about if you are facing some kind of skin problem right now. Although if you don’t take action to deal with this issue then that is worrisome as neglecting this problem will make it eventually worse. Take this problem as a signal. Your skin is trying to tell you that you are neglecting to take care of it or you are indulging in activities that are ruining your skin health. Poor skin health lessens a man’s physical appearance considerably.

So, if you are looking to flaunt flawless skin, then this guide along with is all that you need in order to achieve it. 

1. Cleanse your face before hitting the bed

Men have more sebaceous glands than women that produce sebum. It is essential that you cleanse your face with a mild cleanser to get rid of excessive sebum which causes dirt and other pollutants to stick to your face. After a day of hard work, it is crucial that you cleanse your face to get rid of the grime, dirt and other impurities to get that healthy glow.

2. Wash your face before stepping out of the house

As mentioned before, men produce much more sebum than women. This sebum is produced continuously, even when you’re sleeping. Excessive sebum can block the pores and provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and dirt all of which can result in a skin breakout. Therefore, it is recommended that before stepping out of the house you should wash your face with a facial wash suitable for your skin type and that doesn’t mess up with your skin’s pH.

3. Exfoliate twice a week

Exfoliation is your sure shot way of getting rid of dead skin cells and dirt-clogged pores. It visibly makes the skin seem cleaner at the same time making it feel smoother and softer. Exfoliation also helps get rid of the problem of ingrown hairs. You can use facial scrubs, a soft-bristled brush, or even a soft cloth to exfoliate, but keep in mind to not overdo it as over-exfoliation can irritate your skin and make it agitated.

4. Moisturize daily

It doesn’t matter if you have oily skin, it is essential that you moisturize after every wash so that the skin retains its moisture. Lightweight and oil-free moisturizers are available in the stores that replenish the skin’s moisture while promoting healing of skin and a clearer brighter complexion.

5. Apply sunscreen even on cloudy days

Overexposure to sun rays can be harmful to the skin therefore it is essential that you apply a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 so that the skin is protected from harmful UV radiations and remains healthy and in all its glory.

6. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption

Smoking can take its toll on your skin and make it dull as it promotes premature aging, deprives the skin of oxygen, and promotes the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, you should quit smoking if you want healthy-looking skin.

Similarly, alcohol also messes up with hormones that result in acne and dehydrated skin and it also promotes premature aging.

7. Drink 8 glasses of water every day

Drinking water is an effective way of flushing out toxins from the body. It is one of the easiest skincare activities that you can take up. A well-hydrated body shine from the inside out. 

8. Let go of the stress and catch up on a good night’s sleep

Excessive stress can wreak havoc on your skin apart from the mind. So, you have to find ways to manage this stress, if you think you can’t do it on your own then seek the help of a medical care provider otherwise you can take up healthy activities like exercising, walking, yoga and running, all of which have been seen to help cope up with stress.

Getting a good night’s sleep, preferably 8 hours, can help you wake up with glowing radiant and healed skin. This is because when you sleep the body goes under healing mode, the body produces new skin cells and increases blood flow in the skin.


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