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5 important steps you must know on how to take care of your beard

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Men are increasingly aware of the importance of their image in all areas of their lives and beards have been the confirmation of this. Men are looking to feel more handsome and with more personality, with goatees, moustaches, beards, and recently even by dyeing their beards! In this article we will teach you how to take care of your beard and we encourage you to share this post with your friends.

When we talk about beards and moustaches, one of the first things you need to know is the importance of caring for them with an ultimate trimmer for beard. In this article we will explain to us that caring for your beard depends on whether or not you are kissed, whether you are kissed and leave a good memory, or whether you pass by anyone and make a good impression. Both the beard and the moustache require the man to be very neat. We cannot forget that factors such as smoking, food or even the secretion of skin fat itself can make that kiss a bad memory.

Regarding style, each man requires a different one. Most barbers, distinguishes three clear types: the extroverted and innovative man who wants to try out modern beard designs: they tend to be long and well-defined, either with a beak or more square; the conservative and classic-looking man wants it well trimmed and with a design that fits his face; and the more introverted man, with a short three- or four-day beard that does not risk too much. The moustache is also a trend in all its variations, from the most casual moustache to the most extreme, like the one Salvador Dalí wore.

To keep the beard and moustache perfect it is advisable to go to the barber’s at least every 15 days to trim and profile it. In order to win the loyalty of their customers, barbers have taken the time to update the old shaving rituals with hot and flavoured towels, balsams and specific oils.

The day to day care of the beard

As with skin and hair, hydration is essential for a beautiful, well-cared-for beard. In this sense, the barbers explain that beards require a very special care since it is a much harder, porous and frizzy hair than the scalp. That is why we will need products specialized in beards, as beard care collection is a very powerful tool in growing a beautiful beard.

You must bear in mind that beards have natural oils that intervene in their growth, strength and shine. If you wash your beard too often, you can end up with these important natural oils. You must find your washing frequency, but a good guideline would be every other day, the rest of the days are enough with the shower water. This would be the step by step:

  • Wet and wash your beard use warm water
  • Spread the chosen product all over the beard, sinking the fingertips until it reaches your skin. Remember that it also exists and needs to be clean and moisturized to avoid flaking and itching. In the same way you do when you wash your head, try massaging the skin of the face that is underneath the beard, in order to stimulate the hair follicles so that the beard grows more and more shiny.
  • Rinse the beard with plenty of warm water and in several directions, to avoid leaving any residue of the soap used that could cause itching or flaking once the beard is dry.

dry the beard with a clean towel as you would (or should) do with your hair, gently. Remember that wet hair is more vulnerable and brittle than dry hair and if you do it roughly, it could break the hair shaft. You can finish drying your hair with a touch of the dryer, at medium heat, and use the time to stretch your hair a little by brushing it with hot air.

  • Hydrate your beard with a good specific oil. Facial moisturizers and hair products are not valid. Put a small amount of product (like a 2 or 5 cent coin, depending on the length of the beard) in the palm of your hand and rub it with the other hand to spread the product. It is time to put your hands on the lower part of your beard and make that oil penetrate all over it, as if “wrinkling” it. Then, just distribute the oil from your hands on the top of your beard, in the area of your cheeks, and comb it with your fingers to make the oil penetrate throughout it. Remember that it is better to use little product and repeat the application, rather than leaving your beard oily.
  • Shape the moustache. Use a good wax specially designed for this purpose. Spread a little product by warming it between your thumb, index and middle fingers and work the tips of your moustache into the shape you want – it will give it personality!

Some products that may interest you

Hairgum Barber Shop

Beard Soap, by Dr. K Beard Soap. Beard Shampoo formulated with natural ingredients, contains pro-vitamin B5 (Panthenol) and Glycerin for a luxurious and healthy beard, with a natural glow.

The Leave-in, from 2 Male Beard Company. It is an amazing dry beard conditioner, with a unique formula that allows you to tame and repair any type of beard, using natural ingredients and essential oils. Split ends, damaged cuticles, damaged beard and very punished. Feel how, in less than 1 minute, your beard reaches another dimension.

Cire à Mouschache, from Hairgum Barber Shop. Moustache shaping wax, easy to apply, its great softness allows you to create and personalize your chosen style. It lasts all day long. Contains beeswax, shea butter and candelilla wax to give shine and hold.

American Crew

Pomade, from American Crew. Medium binding with a lot of shine. Although it is a hair ointment, it works very well on curly beard hair, giving it control. Removes with washing without leaving residue. Provides high shine and a flexible hold.


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