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Blu Atlas Gives Men the Skincare Edge They Need

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In American culture, men taking care of their skin was an act that didn’t merely seem odd: it was pretty much granted only to women as a way to stay on top of their beauty. And this divide in the personal care world continued to widen throughout the centuries, with only 4% of men using personal care products back in 1990. Today, the world of men’s personal care is shedding its old stigmas, as more than 60% of men now report using personal care products in their everyday routines.

This whopping difference is no doubt in part thanks to the growing number of brands that have made a market available for men to shop for their needs, whether that’s makeup, skincare, haircare, beard care, or body care. But as more men dive into the world of personal care and begin to add more products to their shelves, there’s still a large percentage of men (40%) who have no exposure to personal care.

Realizing that this gap isn’t just a beauty concern—it’s a health concern, the New York-based men’s skincare brand Blu Atlas went to work creating high-efficiency products for men that take the guesswork out of personal care. The brand caters to those who are already invested in their skin and body care routines, but also reaches a hand out to the men still in need of some encouragement. “We have an opportunity to show the importance of having a routine,” says Blu Atlas. So the brand has made it their goal to help those men transition into a healthier lifestyle through making more of an effort with their self-care and personal care routines.

With their line of easy-to-use and simple-to-understand products and ingredients, Blu Atlas makes it easy for men to not only feel confident in their skin (since they’re bound to see improvements), but they’ll also feel confident in their routines. The simplicity of Blu Atlas’ skin and body care line has made self-care something that’s enjoyable and achievable every single day. Which is great for the guys who love feeling accomplished and checking things off their to-do list. 

Blu Atlas knows that part of the challenge when transitioning into a personal care routine is that men can feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of options available. That’s why with Blu Atlas products, you get all of your skin and body care essentials in one place. And their modern, minimalist packaging doesn’t mess around with fancy or confusing names. You’ll instantly know which product is your face wash and which is your shampoo. 

The brand has also made personal care for men something that can be achieved without potentially harmful chemicals (such as phthalates which have been linked to lower sperm quality and DNA damage in sperm) and illegible ingredients that make men even more hesitant to reach for a product. All of Blu Atlas’ products are made with all-natural, easy-to-understand ingredients that are dermatologically tested for safety and efficacy. 

The brand has done all the research for you and developed high-impact formulas that focus on the “less is more” mantra. So not only are you getting no chemicals, additives, or fillers in your products, your skin can just focus on the star and supportive ingredients it’s given. In other words, you are getting the most bang for your buck out of a few high-impact ingredients. You’re not wasting cash on a product with expensive packaging or a bunch of filler ingredients that aren’t doing anything for your skin: you’re investing in high-performance all-natural ingredients that are proven to work.

So you can get the skincare edge you’ve been needing in your routine, you’ll find a daily regimen that works for all skin types below, featuring five must-try skincare products from Blu Atlas’ line. If this routine seems like too many steps, pare it back to just the essentials (face wash and moisturizer) if you’re just getting started. Remember, the goal is to find a routine that works for you, your lifestyle, and your skincare goals. This is just a general recommendation that you can add to or subtract products from depending on your preferences.

An Easy Skincare Regimen for All Skin Types (Featuring Blu Atlas)

Step 1: Face Wash

Cleansing your skin morning and night with a gentle face wash will remove oil, dirt, and other impurities from the skin. It also ensures that the rest of your skincare has a clean base to build on.

Product: Blu Atlas’ Volcanic Ash Face Cleanser

This daily face wash gives you a deep, satisfying clean without stripping your moisture barrier or disrupting your skin’s pH. In this wash, you’ll find ingredients like volcanic ash, lactobacillus ferment, and pomegranate seed oil which nourish, balance, and cleanse the skin.

How to Use:  Apply a dime-sized amount of cleanser all over a slightly damp face morning and night. Gently massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds and rinse off.

Step 2: Exfoliator

Gentle exfoliation methods will cleanse your skin of dead skin cells and other impurities that lead to dullness and clogged pores.

Product: Blu Atlas’ Exfoliating Scrub

Formulated with gentle exfoliators and nourishing ingredients, this exfoliating face scrub will give you an instantly brighter, clearer, and softer complexion. Key ingredients in this scrub include hibiscus flower extract (rich in antioxidants), jojoba oil (rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids), and bamboo stem extract (naturally antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory).

How to Use: Massage a nickel-sized amount onto the face two to three times a week. Rinse with warm water, pat dry, then continue with the rest of your skincare routine. 

Step 3: Serum

Serums provide skin with concentrated ingredients that target specific skin concerns, such as dryness, dark spots, or clogged pores.

Product: Blu Atlas’ Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant known for its ability to protect skin from damaging free radicals, boost our skin’s natural production of collagen, brighten skin, and improve the appearance of dark spots. This serum includes ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C), plus mulberry root extract, aloe vera, glycerin, and vitamin E for a beautifying boost of hydration and antioxidants.

How to Use: Best for use in the morning. Apply a few drops and gently massage into the skin.

Step 4: Moisturizer

 Moisturizer is essential for locking in skin hydration and all of the skincare products you’ve already applied. A good moisturizer will maintain your skin’s moisture barrier, so you don’t experience dryness, flaking, redness, or itchiness.

Product: Blu Atlas’ Moisturizer

Designed for men of all skin types, this hydrating moisturizer treats dryness, dullness, and signs of aging with nutrient-dense seaweed extract, brightening vitamin C, and conditioning mango seed butter.

How to Use: As a last step in your morning and evening skincare routine, scoop out a dime-sized amount and lightly massage onto your face and neck.

Add-on: Face Mask

 Face masks can be added to your skincare routine as necessary to give your skin an extra boost of hydration, clarity, nourishment, or purification.

 Product: Blu Atlas’ Face Mask

This clay mask by Blu Atlas uses nutrient-rich ingredients like kaolin clay, goji berry extract, and algae extract to clear excess oil and impurities from the skin. The plant extracts also provide skin with loads of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients that even skin tone and reduce acne.

 How to Use: Use once a week on a freshly cleaned, dry face. Allow the mask to dry for 10-20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. 



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