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Hair transplant in South Korea — a new trend among foreigners

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The desire to keep youth and beauty is natural to a human. While the loss of hair — their symbol and attribute — appears to be a real disaster.

And when traditional methods for hair recovery don’t work, people start looking for something new. That’s how hair transplant popularity has been dramatically raising for the last few years. That’s why thousands of men and women worldwide visit the Republic of Korea (ROK) to get hair transplantation.

The cosmetic surgery capital of the Earth

According to Bookimed, a medical centers aggregator website, the cost of hair transplant in South Korean best medical centers starts from $6,300. If to compare the prices with some other countries like Turkey, the costs estimates in South Korean clinics are a little bit higher. So what are people paying for?

  • Clinics specializing in plastic surgery and hair loss/alopecia treatment provide patients with up to 100% success rate guarantee. South Korean clinics have international certificates and are under the strict supervision of the ROK Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  • Innovations. The future, represented by robots, stem cells therapies and latest approached in hair transplant, i.e., FUE (mechanical or hand follicular unit extractions), slit and other techniques, is available here.
  • Comfort. To international patients, clinics offer transfer from the airport and back, accommodations, and language assistance if required.

Where to have your hair back

  • JK Plastic Surgery Center

JK is a premium medical facility hosting over 6,000 people from all over the world, including the USA and European countries. The Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients in South Korea marked JK as No.1 medical center for foreigners seeking appearance improvements.

Doctors perform a lateral slit hair plantation following American standards. A hair transplant specialist gets a graft from the donor’s area and implants them into pinholes located in the recipient’s one. It ensures a high density of plantation and natural look of planted hair.

  • Banobagi Clinic

Banobagi, a plastic&cosmetic surgery center, is an official partner of Reality TV Show Let Me In. It attracts over 2,000 international patients from China, Thailand and the USA to have hair transplantation. Doctors provide FUE approach here.

This technique is considered the most popular with patients. A hair transplantologist applies a special tool which takes a graft out the donor’s area with rotating. The method allows getting grafts of high-quality and requires vast experience from a specialist. After the transplant, small traces are hardly visible on the donor’s area.

Additionally, Banobagi experts apply stem cells therapy after the procedure to push follicles growing faster and make a recovery period more rapid.

The bottom line

A transplant helps to make your hair thicker and healthier, raise your self-confidence and improve the quality of life. The main thing is to make a confident choice while reviewing clinics to provide the surgery and doctors whom to trust. And South Korean doctors are a reasonable option while they are well-trained, well-organised, scrupulous, and progressive and do their best for an excellent result…which is worth its price.




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